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To My Future Spouse (Written By Empress-Lady Black Poet)

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Like Mary the virgin whose hymen broke
Through the birth
Of a child she brought to earth,
Saw Him take His last breathe
And tasted death.
While His blood showered the feet of those who crucified Him,
His tears fell onto the women who cried for Him,
As His soul embarked on a journey and sat on the right-hand of God,
My love for you is infinite.

Like Samson whom before him an empress was portrayed,
A promise was made,
Through his beloved Delilah he was betrayed.
Lost his eyes and power,
Chained and Framed
Like an animal in the temple.
As the growth of his coarse hair filled his head,
He requested for them to be put amongst the pillars for him to end his life and of those who took away his strength.
My love for you is bond.

Like the Job whom lucifer tried,
Took away his children, his cattle and aimed to get to him again through his bride
Who told him to curse God and die.
As the fetal sores of leprosy and boils that covered his body and in all of that,
He never sinned.
My love for you is genuine.

Like Sarah whose womb denied her children for years
That at the age of ninety she conceived her first and only son at that time whom God requested him from Abraham,
Her husband, as his sacrifice.
My love for you is patient.

Like the intercourse between mother earth and the universe.
As the drizzles of rain,
The pleasures of immaculateness hit her abdominals,
The universe moans and groans in Thunderstorms ,
Releasing his most thickest semen in the colour of righteous Uniforms,
Leaving her womb moist with creativity.
As she gives birth to life,
Her erected nipples release a liquid that saturate ocean and streams,
My love for you is natural.

Like the intercourse between my paper and ink,
I hope for these to penetrate your heart and sink.
Because my love for you is as pure as a mother's breast milk.
And i pray for you more than i pray for myself and ask God to watch over you for me with His eye that cannot blink.

Copyright (c) 2015. Lady Black Poet. All Rights Reserved

NOTE: The source of the poem is from Facebook. It was posted on the Facebook wall of great poet: Empress-Lady Black Poet. Please, endeavor to find more of her beautiful poems on Facebook. Thanks

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