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How To Analyze A Poem

In case you know or may not know, few simple steps are required of you to analysis a poem to the best of your ability. They are in a question form:
(1) What few explanations can I give regarding the backgound of the poet?
(2) What recipes (poetic devices) do the poem acquire?
(3) What explanation can I give about the poem's connotation and denotation?
(4) What categor(ies) can the poem be placed?
(5) What other poem(s) can you place side by side with the poem you're analyzing?

It shows that by the time you begin answering the questions ome after the other, poetic analysis has began.

Some poems do have anonymous author maybe because they are traditional oral generated poems or maybe some unforeseen circumstances separated from their authors without retrace. Theose kind of poem ease the labor in poetic analysis since none will crucify you for not unearthing the broad background. Some poems do have real author and the translator to a different language. You must strive to give few backg…

3 Major Poetic Devices In Vanity By Birago Diop


[feel free to read Breath By Birago Diop]

In the poem Vanity by Birago Diop, there are three major poetic devices that gave the poem her grandeur. These are (1) Imagery (2) Repetition (3) Rhetorical Question.

Before we examine the great impact these three poetic devices have on the poem, takes a look at the several poetic devices in the poem.

(1) Alliteration: The repetition of consonants at the beginning of two or more words immediately succeeding, or at a short interval. In line 1 "gently gently"in line 8 "what eyes will watch" in line 15 "Dead came with their Dead" in line 25 "Did not understand our dead".

(2) Imagery: This is the use of word in giving vivid picture of an occasion or object or person. In line four "sad complaining voices of beggars" it describes how the voices of the people in the poem look like. "Just as our fears were deaf" is a simile and imagery…


In the year nineteen ninety nine

A man clocked eighty eight years

With seventy seven cars

And sixty six houses

And fifty five firms

And forty four factories

And thirty three tenants

In his Lekki apartment

His twent

Analysis Of To His Coy Mistress By Andrew Marvel


The poem was written in an iambic tetrameter with a rhyme couplet. It told a story of a man in love with a very coy maiden who so cherished her virtue and unwilling to sacrifice it for romantic love or lust.

The man had to woo and persuade with reasons why they should fall in love and "roll all our strength and all our sweetness up into one ball and tear our pleasures with rough strife through the iron gates of life"

There are (1) theme of romantic love or lust (2) theme of human mortality and its effect on beauty (3) them of time and its effect on human existence

First stanza of the poem was devoted to reveal the level of love the poem speaker had for the coy mistress "my vegetable love should grow/ vaster than empires and more slow" line 11 and 12. He further showed that his love for the coy mistress was not only because of her beauty "but thirty thousand to the rest / an age at least to every part/ a…

My Colour By Wale Ogunwole

Every time I see the sunshine I wonder,
Why our blessed nation is going asunder.
If the birds in the sky,
Could treasure their nest till they die
With undisguised pride and honour,
Regardless of their feathers' colour,
What becomes of us black
That cherish not our mother's back?
I am black and am proud,
In the crowd I will say it loud
To us I will say it first,
Save another day for the west.
Cause I need no embassies
For the sun that shines in America,
Is the same that shines in Africa
So take away my fame
It will bring no shame
Take away my lover,
And even make my life over
But take away not my colour,
Cause in it lays my honour.
©Wale Ogunwole (a BDS graduate of University of Ibadan)

Conflicts And Other Affairs

Why do I have to live this absurdity?
Why wasn't I born before Adam,
Before apple affairs and garden created;
Why should I be part of this?

What mason is mixing the concretes
To correct this
That this world is full of conflicts
And other lusty affairs that partake me
And hungry bellies are dying
And infidel kids are given to false daddies
Richer than the real?
And these inequalities here and there,
Mabel Segun hate them as me do.

Why should I be part of this? In my soliloquy
Still yet to resolve the mysteries
Suddenly cam

Limerick For Cacophony

There once was a funny cacophony
Beneath the bra of a busty lady
From a bus to the bush
As to piss and to douche
But soldier-ants caused such cacophony.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring)

Facts Of Chess | Naija Poets

Some fellows think that chess is for warring

Some think it's for intellectual fellows

Two fellows aiming at each other's crown

In sixty four squares of black and white

In sixty four squares of eight ranks and files

Opening repertoirs... Facts Of Chess | Naija Poets

Facts Of Chess

Some fellows think that chess is for warring
Some think it's for intellectual fellows
Of two fellows aiming at each other's crown
In sixty four squares of black and white
In sixty four squares of eight ranks and files
Opening repertoires are personified
Philidor defense, Réti attack and
The Samisch variation are few to mention
Great Kaspa

Preoccupation Of Lenrie Peters In The Panic Of Growing Older

Lenrie Peters preoccupation in the poem: "The Panic Of Growing Older" can be considered as how some factors (time,ambition,hope,etc) affect the adult stage of human beings.

Lenrie Peters, the author of the poem, took age 20 upwards as his case study to show how the events of adulthood unfold. He revealed that a person begins adulthood with beautiful hopes:
"at twenty
stilled by hope
of gigantic success
and exploration"

Ten years later, one has gained the achievement of raising a family (which is not an achievement at all because such will surely occur as an adult), one becomes unnecessarily busy in domesticity that won't give room of seeing the moon, one begins to suffer emotional pains due to inability to achieve exp


Whenever I'm forked by queens
I do not care
Cos great oppressors they are.

And to be forked by a Bishop
Or to be forked by a Knight
Which do you prefer?

A Bishop rather forks me than a Knight
Pains of Knight fork are immense.

A Knight can fork more than once
Fork you to shift but down a piece
Yet another check that moves you
To th

Analysis Of Richard Cory By Edward Robinson

Edward Robinson was born 1869, an American poet who wrote "Richard Cory" one of my favorite poems. He died in the year 1935. Fortunately I found his poem in one of my poetry collections and felt I should write about it.

The poem is a 4 stanzas poem that speaks of a man named Richard Cory who was rich "richer than a king" he was attractive as well and people on their pavements would be carried away staring at him. They would even envy him and wish they were him until the news came that Richard Cory himself "one calm summer night".

Looking at the literary devices, "so on we worked, and waited for the light/ and went without the meat and cursed the bread" in line 13 and 14 symbolized their hustle and sacrifices to be rich, "from sole to crown" in l

Haiku For Hibiscus

No certain morrow
To live in sorrow
What a new born fresh flower!

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings)
Image Credit: funflowerfacts web

Acoustic Poem For Oyo

Oh, boy!
You're on your own.
Only you can help yourself to grow.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo preaching poetry)

How Sympathetic Was John Pepper Clark In The Poem "The Casualties"

The poet's feeling of sympathy for the victims of the war was so overwhelming in the poem "The Casualties" to the extent that he never excluded himself among the victims:
"We fall
All casualties of the war
Because we cannot hear each other speak
Because eyes have ceased to see the face from the crowd
Because whether we know or
Do not know the extent of wrong on all sides,
We are characters now other than before".

John Pepper Clark in his state of sympathy, blame and guilt; divided the victims_ referred to as casualties, into two groups (the directly affected victims and the indirectly affected victim) and finally made it open to the readers that those who thought themselves to be "the looters" during the war were as well victims being so "fearful everyday the owners may return".

He sympathetically enlisted the direct victims as (1) those who are dead (2) those who are wounded (3) those who have lost persons or property (4)

Listen Comrades By David Diop

Listen comrades of the struggling centuries
To the keen clamour of the Negro from Africa to the Americas
They have killed Mamba
As they killed the seven of Martinsville
Or the Madagascan down there in the pale light of the prisons
He held in his look comrades
The warm faith of a heart without anguish
And his smile despite agony
Despite the wounds of his broken body
Kept the bright colours of a bouquet of hope
It is true that they have killed Mamba with his white hairs
Who ten tim

While The World Goes Crumbling, Tumbling, Deadly

POETIC DIGEST: "Hamartia shows the tragic flaw of a protagonist in a poem."

Keeping quiet;

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings doing poetry)

NOTE: The poem above is categorized under short poem. I do not know what gave birth to such form of poem, maybe it came due to laziness, or due to boredom, or in imitation to poems like haiku, or maybe it came as a way of adding fun or mockery to poetry. I just hope you have enjoyed mine.

Why Believe Time Waits For No Man

Waiting patiently was time
Planning his coup d'etat
Before mama put to bed in hospital.

Who told you to begin school?

Who told you to know this and know not that?

Who told you to grow hairs of
Armpits and those in panties?

Who told you to break away from care?

Who told you to pick a boo?

Who told you to pick a pension scheme
For what you cannot prove?

Who told yo

With Poets All Things Are Possible



How can someone's eyes
Be so unique like the cherry seed?

How can someone's skin
Be so smooth and shiny like
A special ceramic tile?

How can someone's hip
Be so hippy like a mahogany tree?

How can someone standing
Be standing like statue of Venus
The goddess of fertility?

Only God knows why some ladies
Are uniquely made differently
Dazzling, tem

Marriage Of Stupid Publicity

Why forcing me to this
Marriage of stupid publicity?

Why forcing me to this
Wedding paparazzi of innate regret?

Like a sallah ram
You keep tying me to stake.

Like a ritual goat
You keep digging my grave

Like a burial cow
You keep press my horns downwards,
Raising my ne

I'm Beginning To Dislike Aristos

I'm beginning to dislike aristos
So much than I dislike Lottos

Everywhere we go, we see mobile things:
Mobile phones,
Mobile homes,
Mobile money,
Mobile offices
And mobile prostitutes
Nigerians call aristos

Aristos are the mobile holes
Moving from post to post
And aristo of Jos today
Is in Kano tomorrow;
I'm beginning to dislike aristos.

Oh! You, aristos
You, the civil customized prostitutes,
What is wrong with you?

Gone are the eras, your sales were real;
When your appl

7 Steps To Move Poetry Book From Createspace To Kindle

Here's the steps to kill two birds
With a stone

Here's the steps to sell one poetry book
In both amazon store and kindle store
So simply with no hassle.

Step one is to
Arrange your poems on your PC in form of a book

Step two is to
Sign-up to

Step three is to
Fill the setup for your book

Step four is to
Upload your book file and create bookcover
Where necessary in the setup

Step five is to
Click publish to kindle under distribute bar,
Which moves you to Kindle webpage

Step six is to
Sign-up at Kindle webpage and your book detail
Will be automati

Love At First Sight

You lady passing in front of me,
Pass me the chain of passion prison,
Let me dine in the dungeon of your iris
For love, these days, spreads like a disease,
Sipping through the purse of every
Man that sees; maybe the blinds feel it.
Even the men wearing mask to preve

I Named Him Whataday

What a day!
For this day should portray
A red letter day

The same day I was stung by bees
More than three
I fell from the mango tree
Hurt my knees
While peeping from the tree
To clearly see
The passing Ajimobi
The same way Zacchaeus did
On the fig-sycamore tree
To clearly see
The passing Jesu Christi.

The same day I was upset
Couldn't connect my tablet
To a 3G internet to view my interest
Only to then hurry to the toilet
Forgot to wa


And all these while,
You braze me the hood
Preventing my stamen pass
The sweet pistil of yours.
Now I'm taking you, Flower,

To that matrimonial ritual
Of for-better-for-worse
To uni

The Juvenile Pledge

I pledge to the cane of my mommy
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve my mommy with all but force
To be helpful in the kitchen,
And washing the dishes and doing the laundries
And so help me God.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo soaring really)

Limerick For A Painter

A painter removed his bearded-chin,
Placed on a table as not to stain
And so painting his wall
He received a phone-call
But began painting with his bearded-chin.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo in the sky rising)

Image: jantoo cartoon

Cobra And Rose

Before love became the meal of death
And virginity was not his interest
And living ropes do not sit on red furnaces
Meditating how to devour red roses
With fertile tomorrow. Before then,
Love was pure and real and
Two opposites meet under canopy of Twains
On the path to stream in evening silence
For fetchers have fetched and farms deserted
For juvenile interests to find rendezvous
(No two for one but one for one)
And romantic deceits have yet perco

Interesting Chaotic Situation

Like in the days of Noah,
So nonchalant they were
Of the signs they saw;
They never cared of the signs they saw
Men and women
And market men and women
And confusing to and fro pedestrians filing,
Flies, goats, undying movements of motorists_
All never cared of the signs they saw.

Suddenly it began bulleting
With rage and race pouncing on skins
People dyingly wet and stiff
The coldness of her bullet effects melted thr

Poem And Analysis Of The Fulani Creation Story | Naija Poets

This post will be taking a good look at the

mythical poem of how the Fulani people emerged. The poet is unknown but the poem has been loved by many eyes reading it. Interested  should check  Poem And Analysis Of The Fulani Creation Story | Naija Poets

Juliana And Jollof Rice

Juliana and jollof rice
Share some things in common.

Juliana starts with J,
Jollof rice starts with J.

Everyone loves Juliana
As everyone loves jollof rice.

People reje

When Ladies See Me...

Ladies see me,these days,
They say:
You used to be handsome than this"

They do not notice
I wear self inflicted insomnia

They do not notice
Seeking daily chop-chop
Has made caricature of me

They do not notice
I must be up and down as
Not to end up lying belly upward
Every sunny afternoon
By the side of the road
For familiar faces passing by
Pretend th

Acoustic Poem For Potatoes

Potato makes me think of Toronto,

Orlando or sweet places people go.

Tasting it fights taekwondo with my sorrows

Augmenting my love for fried potato with pap;

Thank God, it was discovered in Peru.

O! I wish it could cure tumorous diseases

Even the traumatizing tuberculosis;

Since a tuberous crop is what they call it.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(Long live this Leo with wings)

How Can I Change The World

How can I change the world
With verses of no audience at all?

How can I win a heart
Where hearts and verses are wide apart?

A poet should be a priest
Of no religion but of peace
And of pe

Better Ways To Teach Poetry In Senior Secondary Schools

As a literature teacher in both English and Yoruba language, I've realized that teaching literature in a senior secondary school require more stills than thought. The strategy used in the teaching of the three genres must be different because poetry, prose and drama are like farmers operating different forms of farming.

This post will make a list of the things a literature teacher should place in mind when teaching poetry to a senior secondary class (irrespective of the language taught).

(1) A literature must always remember his/her poetry class is preparing the students for senior secondary school certificate examination and the joint matriculation examination.

(2) A literature teacher must encourage the students to be lovers of poetry by introducing contemporary and classic poem to them and encouraging them to read and analysis poems on their own.

(3) A literature teacher must ensure the students listen to oral or recorded poems and as well make them comp

Poetic Analysis Of Classic African Poems From Naija Poets | … Where poetry exudes power of poets!

How Pleasurable Is The Dining Table By Gbanabom Hallowell

The Dining Table is a war poem and the major theme of the poem can be referred to as THE EFFECTS OF CIVIL WAR OR COMMUNAL ATTACK.
From the major theme came the following factors or sub themes: (1)Loss of appetite, (2)Homelessness, (3)Abnormal alertness due to fear, (4)Undeniable fatigue and pain, etc

The poem speaker makes the readers to see how their dinner became undined due to "desert tongue" (loss of appetite) because of injuries and the way the peppery meal stings their tongues like a scorpion.

Homelessness gathered every age to the so-called "dinner table"; including the sleepless barefooted children with eyes so sharp and alert like switchblades and the effect of the war or sudden attack took away their peace and clipped their voices with silence.

As common to nights of every assaults, ab

Acoustic Poem For Baby

Born in this umbilical cord.
Adrenaline, as mother cares the more;
Bachelor's eve will soon make you miss
Your youth, and teen and todling days

Samuel C. Enunwa aka Samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying high)

Novel Versus Poetry (Which One Is Better)

Novels are easily understood,
Novels are read more and more,
Novels often transform to movies
We watch on our TV screens,
Novels require more lines and chapters and
Novels dance to the tone of literal words.

Novelists are 50% male and 50% female
Novelists are better known celebrities
Like Anais Nïn and
Novelists combine intuition and truth to entertain.
Novelists touch the hearts of kids and teens

Is This Kanye West

[caption id="attachment_10771" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Thought my sketching talent suck
Until I sketched in my paper Kanye West;
One of my favorite rap artist
Yeah! Late Registration,
I listen to it each morn.
Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring)[/caption]

Sudden Gasping





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