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7 Steps To Move Poetry Book From Createspace To Kindle

Here's the steps to kill two birds
With a stone

Here's the steps to sell one poetry book
In both amazon store and kindle store
So simply with no hassle.

Step one is to
Arrange your poems on your PC in form of a book

Step two is to
Sign-up to

Step three is to
Fill the setup for your book

Step four is to
Upload your book file and create bookcover
Where necessary in the setup

Step five is to
Click publish to kindle under distribute bar,
Which moves you to Kindle webpage

Step six is to
Sign-up at Kindle webpage and your book detail
Will be automatically updated to kindle

Step seven is to
Complete your price and payment detail

And fortunately for you
Your eBook will be on kindle store
While the hardcopy can be on sale
At amazon bookstore.
Image above is from freelancedoodle

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo trying his best to educate)

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