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Analysis Of Richard Cory By Edward Robinson

Edward Robinson was born 1869, an American poet who wrote "Richard Cory" one of my favorite poems. He died in the year 1935. Fortunately I found his poem in one of my poetry collections and felt I should write about it.

The poem is a 4 stanzas poem that speaks of a man named Richard Cory who was rich "richer than a king" he was attractive as well and people on their pavements would be carried away staring at him. They would even envy him and wish they were him until the news came that Richard Cory himself "one calm summer night".

Looking at the literary devices, "so on we worked, and waited for the light/ and went without the meat and cursed the bread" in line 13 and 14 symbolized their hustle and sacrifices to be rich, "from sole to crown" in line 3 symbolized the whole. Clear image of Richard Cory is shown to the reader with the aid of imageries like "a gentleman from sole to crown" "clean favoured" "imperially slim" other literary devices are "richer than a king" (metaphor) "down town" (assonance) "people on the pavement" (alliteration), etc.

Few of the themes within the poem show that riches do not equal satisfaction and happiness, that appearance can be deceitful, that imitation out of envy is wrong. Richard Cory was known to be rich not knowing that he he had a bigger sorrow than theirs, it was only his appearance and possession that led them to believe he was in a better state and they wished that were in his place; then the poem speaker confessed: "So on we worked, and waited for light/ And went without the meat, and cursed the bread" in line 13 and 14.

Samuel C.Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo you know doing what you know)

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