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Better Ways To Teach Poetry In Senior Secondary Schools

As a literature teacher in both English and Yoruba language, I've realized that teaching literature in a senior secondary school require more stills than thought. The strategy used in the teaching of the three genres must be different because poetry, prose and drama are like farmers operating different forms of farming.

This post will make a list of the things a literature teacher should place in mind when teaching poetry to a senior secondary class (irrespective of the language taught).

(1) A literature must always remember his/her poetry class is preparing the students for senior secondary school certificate examination and the joint matriculation examination.

(2) A literature teacher must encourage the students to be lovers of poetry by introducing contemporary and classic poem to them and encouraging them to read and analysis poems on their own.

(3) A literature teacher must ensure the students listen to oral or recorded poems and as well make them compose and recite poems in front of their peers.

(4) A literature teacher must give the students a solid poetic foundation with the use of poetic terms and devices.

(5) A literature teacher must let the students enjoy the paradise of poetic styles and stylistics (parodies, sonnets, villanelles, pentinas, haiku, etc)

(6) A literature teacher must be to compare and contrast two more poems in other to enhance his/her students' understanding.

If a literature teacher can endeavor to be keeping the above mentioned points in mind when teacher poetry to a senior secondary class, his/her poetry teaching will become easier and better unlike in the time past.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the unbelievable Leo in the tempest with great eagles)

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