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Cobra And Rose

Before love became the meal of death
And virginity was not his interest
And living ropes do not sit on red furnaces
Meditating how to devour red roses
With fertile tomorrow. Before then,
Love was pure and real and
Two opposites meet under canopy of Twains
On the path to stream in evening silence
For fetchers have fetched and farms deserted
For juvenile interests to find rendezvous
(No two for one but one for one)
And romantic deceits have yet percolated
Unlike this era of revenge
Where poker-like lovers deal their cards
In classic casinos of garnished intentions
For roses to pay for virgins are less;
Cease thy amazements while we
dine and dance in this garden of death_
Psalm ninety-one is in our pockets.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(Leo with wings moving knight and queen in the sky)

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