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Conflicts And Other Affairs


Why do I have to live this absurdity?
Why wasn't I born before Adam,
Before apple affairs and garden created;
Why should I be part of this?

What mason is mixing the concretes
To correct this
That this world is full of conflicts
And other lusty affairs that partake me
And hungry bellies are dying
And infidel kids are given to false daddies
Richer than the real?
And these inequalities here and there,
Mabel Segun hate them as me do.

Why should I be part of this? In my soliloquy
Still yet to resolve the mysteries
Suddenly came two humbly shirt tucked men
Carrying flimsy journals of flashy pics
Re-narrating tales I've learnt since six
Opening their printed justication for
Apple to sin to suffering to death preaching

If such absurd sin make man die

See the devil's trumpets and dafodils and lilies
They die too. Are they human beings?

See the buffaloes and bats and pythons
They die too. Are they human beings?

See the beetles and bees and maggots
They die too. Are they human beings?

So, Mr. Robotics, preaching on my street!
Preach not to me, man suffer and die
Because Adam and Eve ate apple
Else I'll furiously punch your bellies.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring)

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