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I'm Beginning To Dislike Aristos

I'm beginning to dislike aristos
So much than I dislike Lottos

Everywhere we go, we see mobile things:
Mobile phones,
Mobile homes,
Mobile money,
Mobile offices
And mobile prostitutes
Nigerians call aristos

Aristos are the mobile holes
Moving from post to post
And aristo of Jos today
Is in Kano tomorrow;
I'm beginning to dislike aristos.

Oh! You, aristos
You, the civil customized prostitutes,
What is wrong with you?

Gone are the eras, your sales were real;
When your apples were palatable
And your tomatoes were sweet to my lips.

Gone are the eras of queenly aristos
Of twenty one, twenty two, twenty three
Standing in mini jeans and tops
Temptingly revealing supple legs and skins
Still dancing in verge of youthfulness.

Ever since the federal ministry of aristos in Nigeria
Have been recruiting poverty stricken absurdities
We see at night on the streets standing:
Unpresentable teens,
Single mommies still breastfeeding,
Frustrated married feminines,
The desperate divorced ones,
And hypocratical born-again ladies.

They won't leave your home
Until they steal your TV remote,
Or DVD remote,
Or decoder remote;
I'm beginning to dislike aristos.

For gone are the eras we come with no fear.
These days,
A nocturnal casual collision
Leaves men gulping penicillin
For syphilis rashes;
Oh! I'm beginning to dislike aristos.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo with wings)

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