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I Named Him Whataday

What a day!
For this day should portray
A red letter day

The same day I was stung by bees
More than three
I fell from the mango tree
Hurt my knees
While peeping from the tree
To clearly see
The passing Ajimobi
The same way Zacchaeus did
On the fig-sycamore tree
To clearly see
The passing Jesu Christi.

The same day I was upset
Couldn't connect my tablet
To a 3G internet to view my interest
Only to then hurry to the toilet
Forgot to wash my hands before making my omelette.

The same day I met Monday
Said my wife gave birth today
Rushed to the manger where she lay
Afther a long rumination that day
"The pastor carried the baby to pray
And looked at me, my wife and say:
Since you can't find a right name today
Maybe we should call it a day"
I then replied with no delay:
"Yes! I choose Whataday;
That'll be his name,
As from today."

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the godfearing Leo with wings soaring)

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