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Interesting Chaotic Situation

Like in the days of Noah,
So nonchalant they were
Of the signs they saw;
They never cared of the signs they saw
Men and women
And market men and women
And confusing to and fro pedestrians filing,
Flies, goats, undying movements of motorists_
All never cared of the signs they saw.

Suddenly it began bulleting
With rage and race pouncing on skins
People dyingly wet and stiff
The coldness of her bullet effects melted through
Their nonchalant heads and dermis;
Everyone, including everyone, began running:
Flies ran to perch under leaves in fear,
Goats and sheep took to dilapidated buildings,
Some men and women followed suit

Feet were running,
Wheels were running,
Hearts were running
To unaccommodating refuges
And the NPFs around hid their guns
To follow suit for refuge
While absurd congestion made mansions a jukebox
When the rain suddenly began bulleting
To wet everywhere around this evening.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo in present flying)

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