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Juliana And Jollof Rice


Juliana and jollof rice
Share some things in common.

Juliana starts with J,
Jollof rice starts with J.

Everyone loves Juliana
As everyone loves jollof rice.

People reject rice and beans
To eat jollof rice.

People reject their ladies
To date Juliana.

Juliana, the red lady
So hot and sexy
Like the jollof rice dished
In an unbreakable plate.

I used to hate Juliana
Until she undressed her dress
To serve me her red suya meat.

Now I'm addicted to it
Always coming back for it singing:
¶"Mo ti kósí pánpé
Omo lèpa eh
Omo lèpa ooh yeh
Omo lèpa ooh yeh
Omo lèpa"¶

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the lovely Leo flying)

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