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Marriage Of Stupid Publicity

Why forcing me to this
Marriage of stupid publicity?

Why forcing me to this
Wedding paparazzi of innate regret?

Like a sallah ram
You keep tying me to stake.

Like a ritual goat
You keep digging my grave

Like a burial cow
You keep press my horns downwards,
Raising my neck upwards
To slash my gogongo.

What engagement is
Greater than ten months of wooing you?

I've engaged you with words.
I've engaged you with rings.
I've given you my trusts.
I've planted you my loves.
And we've been licking honeymoon
When moon is out and not.

You keep saying:
Mommy's waiting for you,
I have mommy too;
So, spare me of this your doom.

True marriage is within the heart
Not in the gown and groom.
Image above from stannnyack blog

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo with wings soaring)

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