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When Ladies See Me...


Ladies see me,these days,
They say:
You used to be handsome than this"

They do not notice
I wear self inflicted insomnia

They do not notice
Seeking daily chop-chop
Has made caricature of me

They do not notice
I must be up and down as
Not to end up lying belly upward
Every sunny afternoon
By the side of the road
For familiar faces passing by
Pretend they do not know me.
Glory be to God!
I'm still reckoning

Like a dilapidated road,
Potholes in my eyes;
They do not notice:
The tides of life,
The cyclones of growing,
The Dillydallies of being a daddy
And the circumstances to survive
Have made it so

They do not notice
I pray for all and sundry
More than birds sing
I dismay canopy of hypocrisy
I play life and live chess
To survive these parapets of cloned ambitions;
Yet they do not notice.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo is soaring within thy soul)

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