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Why Believe Time Waits For No Man

Iwo road travellers

Waiting patiently was time
Planning his coup d'etat
Before mama put to bed in hospital.

Who told you to begin school?

Who told you to know this and know not that?

Who told you to grow hairs of
Armpits and those in panties?

Who told you to break away from care?

Who told you to pick a boo?

Who told you to pick a pension scheme
For what you cannot prove?

Who told you to write your will
For you'll soon...?

Or who's there telling you and telling
Everyone else what to do?

Or who told travellers on Iwo Road to do?

Or who told the deserting market women to do?

Or who told failures to fail and winners to win?

Or who told the legs walking here and there
To take a break for hours before they resume?

So how can you be telling me that time waits for no man
As if I'm a fool?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring)

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