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I'm tired, oh voice on radio!
I prefer those of mosquito
Of crickets behind my window
Of any singing sparrow
Of polio or that of Milo
Jingle that says "Milo!
Milo! Milo!! Milo!!!
Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa-pa, Milo!"
I prefer to hear cock crows
Than to hear news of sorrows
Chaos, death, and so
Everytime on my radio.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo wing wings flying)
Poem written April 13, 2010.

You Are What You Say You Are

You're the cucumber of purity
The antenna of great channels
Dictionary of fertile songs
Ocean of generations to come.
Let no witch steal your photosynthesis
No magnet can magnet the move of time,
No ribbon can bind the gift of day
Let no water extinguish your light
You're the illuminator of your riches
The conductor of your destiny
The plantation of your delight
That's why I see stars in your s

Mosquito Net

Even when boys act as men
Or girls act as women,
We know when boys are boys
And girls are girls
Not in the veins of women.

We know the rights, this land should do
This land is grown; this land is mature
But still playing_ still playing
With sand of infancy.

To be treating still the forgone wound
Of foreign reign_ to me seems
Silly. A tricky absurdity;
Many injured lands have overcome it.

What is wrong with your terrain of milk and honey
So filled with poverty and deceit?
What is wrong with your domain
So dominated with poverty increase?
Your povery that place priests in robbery.
Your poverty that rob police's dignity.
Your poverty that dignify atrocities
No man cares why other men sleep under bridges.

Renovate this land! You refuse for your own good.
Rescue this land! Yo

Deaf Ear

Every ear that can hear is a bustbin.
Every ear that can hear is a disease.
At times, a deaf ear can be great a thing
When ear or ears unable to take hearing
Or messages of the voice or auditories;

They are free from a nagging tongue
And are free from a gassing butt
And are free from a suicide news
Gushing off the speakers of
Every radio and tv wherever ear goes.

Let the stupid speakers of them

Birthday Cake Of Samueldpoetry

Only alone in our juvenile skins
Can precious birthday celebration dwell in;
Those in adulthoods are caricature things

Of happy birthday songs with no heart of worries
Where fellow kids will
Encircle the cake to cut radius off the circumference of it
And eat jollof rice made by mom and neighborly mommies.
Those days have gone but these days,
I diagnose my birthdays like other fervent days of the week

Now that I've clocked a brand of b

Poetic Devices In Snake By D. H. Lawrence


the poet made use of carefully selected words in describing the actions of the snake: "He lifted his head from his drinking as cattle do and looked vaguely as drinking cattle do. And flickered his two forked tongue from his lips and mused a moment..."

The poet made use of images such as "Sicilian July" "Accursed human education"

He personified the snake with the use of the third person pronoun "a king in exile"

"and l like a second comer, waiting" "his head as cattle do" "like a king" are few examples of similes in the poem.

In line 2 "on a hot, hot day" carries a repetition. "Must wait, must stand and wait" in line 6 as well has repetition

Alliteration also existed in the poem "brown slackness soft" "softly drank through his straight gums" and rhetorical question in the poem are:

"Into the burning bowels of t


You're my sunshine.
Yet, won't mean a thing to you,
You've heard it, million times.

You're my rainbow.
Yet, won't mean a thing to you,
You've heard it million times.

You lady!
How can I naked my feelings to you?

When I'm always busy; you're always working
From office to office to chores to chores
So hard to talk to. You're
Harsh to men. Never smiling,
Always walking
With girlfriends of yours
As if a lesbo and nev

Mr. Mitsubishi

Mr. Mitsubishi is a barber in my province
Ask him how the day has been,
He would begin saying:

"Babies trim their hairs crying, and
Boys trim their hairs gallas, and
Daddies trim a style to hide home worries
And when fatty mommies come in
To choose their low trimming styles
And tell me of their men's cheating
As if I'm here to cure their plights."

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying poetry)

At Castle Wood By Emily Bronte


The day is done, the winter sun

Is setting in its sullen sky;

And drear the course that has been run,

And dim the beams that slowly die.

No star will light my coming night;

No moon of hope for me will shine;

I mourn not Heaven would blast my sight,

And I never longed for ways divine.

Through Life's hard task I did not ask

Celestial aid, celestial cheer:

I saw my fate without its mask,

And met it too without a tear.

The grief that prest this living breast

Was heavier far than earth can be;

And who would dread eternal rest

When labour's hire was agony?

Dark falls the fear of this despair

On spirits born for happiness;

But I was bred the mate of care,

The foster-child of sore distress.

No sighs for me, no sympathy,

No wish to keep my souls below;

The heart is dead sinc

Analysis Of The Blind Man By Pius Oleghe



Pius Oleghe, the author of this poem is a Nigerian. He once worked as a teacher. A graduate of the University of Ibadan that is why this poem (The Blind Man) first appeared in Nigerian Student Verse.


Was that a sound piercing his darkness?

The blind man shuddered:

"Who's there?"

He gasped; jerked forward, strained ears, ruffled poise

To catch a repetition of the noise_

Which never came again.

He rectified, again he bent:

The broken silence was doubly silent

Now. "Who's there?" he called

Again, nor waited for reply:

His hands stretched out, fingers felt about

To something, anything, and pu

Oh Red Jean Girl

O red jean girl
Is this a kind of trick
Or fateful mystery

When you stroll in dark,
O red jean girl,
You always stand out

Wearing a kind of jean
No darkness can beat
O red jean girl

When you stroll my street
I easily notice
O red jean girl is passing

First time you passed my street
I quickly followed thee
About to meet thee, you entered a building

Second time you passed my street
I quickly followed thee
About to meet th

Whenever Samueldpoetry Makes Poetry

Whenever an ifa priest begins to sing
An agere drum is what you must beat

Whenever a sango priest begins to sing
A bata drum is what you must beat

What belongs to a thing belongs to it
As slippers and shoes belong to the feet

Whenever samueldpoetry makes poetry
You must b

9 Things To Remember Each Day

These, you must remember each day
To know your limit and ignore it_
So as John Mason says
Vilfredo Pareto principle is for thee
To dwell it day by day
In Sir. Isaac Newton motion thought
Will you make delay?
To learn The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Oh, not in fools way
To ri


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