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Birthday Cake Of Samueldpoetry

Only alone in our juvenile skins
Can precious birthday celebration dwell in;
Those in adulthoods are caricature things

Of happy birthday songs with no heart of worries
Where fellow kids will
Encircle the cake to cut radius off the circumference of it
And eat jollof rice made by mom and neighborly mommies.
Those days have gone but these days,
I diagnose my birthdays like other fervent days of the week

Now that I've clocked a brand of beer
In my earthly sojourning,
I must quit liquordating finally

And now that three is chasing three
In my numeral of living,
I must begin to live maturely

Go ahead and wish me what I wish myself
Longlive and prosperity to me
The samueldpoetry.

sizzlekoi photo credit

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo richer than rich, healthier than earth and longliving than teaching)

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