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You're my sunshine.
Yet, won't mean a thing to you,
You've heard it, million times.

You're my rainbow.
Yet, won't mean a thing to you,
You've heard it million times.

You lady!
How can I naked my feelings to you?

When I'm always busy; you're always working
From office to office to chores to chores
So hard to talk to. You're
Harsh to men. Never smiling,
Always walking
With girlfriends of yours
As if a lesbo and never straight.

You always avoid me, I avoided you
But truly I_
I carry your love unnoticed like a vaginal yeast and

Your love has spread through my head like
The dandruff on a bushman's head

Hoping that
One day,
Maybe someday,
You'll understand my feelings for you and
Favor me with your love
The way,
The constitution of my country
Favors the rich.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo flying high not by might)

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