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Mosquito Net

Even when boys act as men
Or girls act as women,
We know when boys are boys
And girls are girls
Not in the veins of women.

We know the rights, this land should do
This land is grown; this land is mature
But still playing_ still playing
With sand of infancy.

To be treating still the forgone wound
Of foreign reign_ to me seems
Silly. A tricky absurdity;
Many injured lands have overcome it.

What is wrong with your terrain of milk and honey
So filled with poverty and deceit?
What is wrong with your domain
So dominated with poverty increase?
Your povery that place priests in robbery.
Your poverty that rob police's dignity.
Your poverty that dignify atrocities
No man cares why other men sleep under bridges.

Renovate this land! You refuse for your own good.
Rescue this land! You refuse; you ride
In Mercedes, your masses ride in diseases.
Only to buy us treated cages to sleep in
While you move the rest money to your keystone.
So listen, Mr. Minister-And-The-Convoy-Of-Doom,
Mosquitoes live not only in bedrooms,
Mosquitoes starved at night will feed in afternoon
Please, stop making us look like a fool.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the candid Leo flying up above)
Photo Credit Goes To safariquip web

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