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Whenever Samueldpoetry Makes Poetry

Whenever an ifa priest begins to sing
An agere drum is what you must beat

Whenever a sango priest begins to sing
A bata drum is what you must beat

What belongs to a thing belongs to it
As slippers and shoes belong to the feet

Whenever samueldpoetry makes poetry
You must begin to read it and stamp your feet

And dance and dance gladly to the rhyming
As if a DJ is mixing the beat

My poems are crude and meaningful and sweet
Because I'm fit. I'm not a misfit

And when people poke me and spy on me
I pretended I do not perceive their presence

Most particularly my past girlfriends
Who pretended I've become their past tense

They do not know
My life's like the sand at the seashore
The more they secretly come
To spy me, I see their footprints at the shore of my destiny
Let me tell you this,
You, bachelors and sprinsters
You'll never miss a good thing till you lose it
So whenever you hear people say
They do not miss you, it isn't true
For early to bed is early to rising

Quit the detail and leave the haters
And begin to do things right
Like loving and merry and having fun
And treating people rightly the way they deserve it
I know you love my rhyming
You love my tattoo too
So make a tattoo on your wrist
A cobra tattoo on your wrist
Like I just did;
You have your life to live.
IMAGE CREDIT adubipublishing website

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings swinging above buildings)

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