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You Are What You Say You Are

You're the cucumber of purity
The antenna of great channels
Dictionary of fertile songs
Ocean of generations to come.
Let no witch steal your photosynthesis
No magnet can magnet the move of time,
No ribbon can bind the gift of day
Let no water extinguish your light
You're the illuminator of your riches
The conductor of your destiny
The plantation of your delight
That's why I see stars in your smiles
I see the sunlight in your eyes
I see the deepest love in your heart
I see butterflies in your belly
Always peaceful like brook of the early
Morning flowing through the thighs
Of your ancestral libidinal lips
For no plantain dies with no offspring
Let no oil blemish your prestige
Let no evil smash your calabash of
Health longevity and peace;
You're the greatest pen that unites
The Nile with Atlantic to meet the Red Sea,
You're Samueldpoetry of peace,
The Leo with eagle's wings,
The evergreen.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring with eagles)
The Image Above From aseire web

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