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The Day I Will Say My Best Poem

The day I'll say my best poem,
floodlighting of the stage
will be beaming on the scripts
on that blessed day
it shall be in front of... and women
boys and girls
kings and queens
widows and widowers
dogs and bitches
poets and poetess
dukes and duchess
scouts and guides
and all alikes

I shall stand that altar of audience.
I shall gladden their consciences with
the brook of my rhyming
and litter the stage with imageries
and host of assonances shall
descend from heaven when
my gang of suspenses
have stolen away their consciences
from right to left
making them
spray me bank currencies
like in the rich men's parties

I'll bow,
I'll bow and blow them kisses
when they sheer me

I'll hear their plaudits
and jump down the stage
shaking the hands of... and women
boys and girls
young and aged
lads and lasses like...

...Paul and Paulina
John and Joan
Ben and Benita
Frank and Fatima
smiling gladly
while my enemies
green with envies
the day I'll say my best poem.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo soaring in success)

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