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What Will Peace Do You

You must begin to purge now
You must begin to purge
Purge negativities all
Once and for all
And your philanthropic soul
Donate you peace

You, the spice to the eyes
Do not despise my advice

You're the celebrity of my street soul
You're the live wire when I feel cold

Each time you come
You come to me rushing calm and soothing
Like the breeze
From the staircase of six storey building

Hands on chin
Why thought of that?
Worry not as them you see
Walking to and fro your street
With smoke of worries gushing off their chimney heads
Don't be like them

Through life,
You're tossed around like gamblers dice

Your past has impregnated your present,
Why give birth to the future
In the maternity of worries?

You have to cheer up.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings up high)

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