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Adulthood Traits In The Panic Of Growing Older By Lenrie Peters

The Panic Of Growing Older By Lenrie Peters is a poem that revealed
some common traits of ambitious adults. Of the many adulthood
characters within the poem, we'll point out just four.

These are numbered below:
(1) High Hope for Achievement "stilled by hope/ of gigantic success" (line 6-7)

(2) Weariness "a sudden throb of pain" (line 10)

(3) Futility of Efforts "having nothing to show" (line 12) "nothing to
show the world" (line 20)

(4) Hopelessness:-
"But science give hope
of twice three score
and ten. Hope
is not a grain of sand
inner satisfaction
dwindles sharp
blades of expectation" (line 25-31)

Lenrie Peters was a Gambian poet born 1932, according to an internet
source, he was a member and President of the West African Examination
Council (WAEC) 1985-91; and as well a member of the jury for the
Literary prize of the Commonwealth in 1995.

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