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Chase To Checkmate

Look around you every each day
There is always a chase to mate.

From street to street, cock is chasing a hen to mate,
From shed to shed, ram is chasing a ewe,
On fences, you'll see agama chasing lizard feminine,
Check the trees around thee,
You'll see the he-birds chasing the she-birds
And he-bees chasing the she-bees and
He-flies chasing the she-flies and
He-butterflies chasing the she-butterflies;
Omolola, my chase and checkmating,
Some fool-folks say it's despate.

Look around you every each day
There is always a chase to mate.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings uphigh)

Couplet simply according to the Oxford English Advanced Learners' Dictionary is two successive lines of verse, equal in length and with rhyme: Heroic couplet is with lines of five feet and ten syllables.

The poem above begins with a couplet and end with a couplet in form of a refrain.

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