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Denotation And Connotation Of Letter To Martha 17 By Dennis Brutus

An imprisoned man took delight and interest in things hardly seen and
things unseen. He wished he could see the sun but such was impossible
because the prison fluorescents had "blotted them out" according to
line 13.

The moving clouds and the birds he could see through the gape of the
prison ventilation made him wondered where the birds were going or
coming from, he further thought of who else "their exuberant
acrobatics" and aeronautics would delight.

Those objects made the poet understood how important freedom is to the
animates and the inanimates.
"cliches about the freedom of the birds
and their absolute freedom from care
become meaningful

and the greceful unimpeded motion of the clouds
_a kind of music, poetry and dance_
sends delicate rhythms tremoring through the flesh
and fantasies course easily through the mind:
_where are they going
where will they dissolve
will they be seen by those at home
and whom will they delight?" (line 19-29)

The poem central message is freedom and <a
rel="nofollow">naijapoets blog</a> discussed the themes of the poem in

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