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How Do You Understand Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti

(1) It's a socio-political poem with chaotic environment as its subject matter

(2) It's full of metaphors, imageries, repetitions and symbolisms

(3) "The land is a giant hawk" is an example of metaphor in the poem
"swallows the sinker" is an alliteration "Peter on empty ship" is an
allusion "The land lie patiently ahead awaiting" is a
personification, "land" "giant" "Peter" are repeated in the poem.

(4) It's a four stanza poem, simple diction, unhappy mood with rebelous tone

(5) It hold a rural setting where the characters and events of the
poem are forest related

(6) The poet is a nigerian of Yoruba tribe, a lecturer at Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, A member Of Association Of Nigerian
Authors (ANA)

(7) The poem has a plot speaking of how human efforts of a particular
place referred to as "The land" was made futile and the people
deceived and endangered by deadly agents the poet cloned with symbols
of wild animals.

(8) Among the themes of the poem are danger, hopelessness,
helplessness, deceitfulness.

(9) The title of the poem, the wild animals ( giant hawk, giant whale,
saber-toothed tiger) are prove of danger. "aborting dreams of good
catch/ fisher turn home at dusk... on empty ship" is a prove
hopelessness in the poem. "a giant hawk that courts unceasing
disaster..." is a prove of helplessness.

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