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Major Concern Of Sir Walter Raleigh In The Soul's Errand

Sir Walter Raleigh has always been an emotional poet. His poem; The
Soul's Errand, took major parts of human activities with a serious
perspective of an inspector sent from beyond to place correction tag
on things; the poet nailed matters in the head.
The poetic message of vanity upon vanity, being vanity, entered the
nineth stanza with the poet proving the falsity and vanity inherent in
the field of physics, arts, science and medicine by posturing
science-is-king "boldness" and sees the so-called expert knowledges
(skill) as nothing but one full of "pretension".

Just to mention few, the poet was mainly worried that institutions
upheld the reverse of the fundamental values of their existence.
Religious, and secular institutions as well as ethical values came up
for censure. Included courts, the potentates, the church, honour, love
and beauty. On his deathbed, he asked the soul to pay visit to each
and everyone of these perverters. While out at it, he must "give would
the lie as nothing is done right anywhere in the world." actef as a
refrain and highlighted the poet's preoccupation.
The poet also believed that the court was supposed to be a shining
example of justice. However, it seemed to be the experience of the
poet that the court was both corrupt and unjust.

Instead of continuing to hole the scales between right and wrong as
the last hope for justice, it ironically "shines like rotten

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