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New Man Now

Hello! Follows on the road
And those at home and abroad

Come hear the true me I'm oozing
Like blood oozing off a vampire's mouth
In this my state of discombobulation.

Candid confession,
Bad was my overture back then but
These days and age
Seem I've aborted such behaviors
Now I hate to see people cry.

Cry of theirs weep my heart with bludgeon
O God, what is this I have become?

These days I care more
When suppose to care less
I give more when to keep more
I hate to see suffering souls on the street
Their pities place me in their shoelaced
Abuses no longer affect me and

Troublemakers keep tempting me
I keep pouring them oil of peace
O God, what is this new me?
What is this, I have become?

I used to be bad
What is this new spell
Maturity has bestowed my soul kindness?
Now adays, I miss bad things
I miss anger
I miss lying
I miss cheating
I miss arguing
I miss misleading
I miss the old samueldpoetry
Before becoming the Leo with wings flying
O God, I'm such a new man now
And that's the confession;

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring)

Grammatical complexity, if applied with moderation, adds beauty to poetry the same way it does to drama and prose; it creates better engagement whereby the reader with lookup words in the dictionary to have better understanding of the poem. Few words and lines in the poem just read, will require readers opening their dictionaries.

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