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November Is Like Forever

Let me not be silent of my love
Let me speak of my love
Omolola, my sweet Tomtom;
Each night your sunlight warms my heart,
Each morn I see moonlight in your eyes
How can I cope these two months?

Whatever Omolola does, she does right.
Omolola is this, Omolola is that
Omolola always wake me from my dreaming saying
"My darling, why do you keep saying
My name in your dreaming?"

You traveled yesterday, your
Kisses still remind me of true kisses
Staying in touch is not enough.
Come! Come quick!
My feelings starving your touch already
Omolola, come in touch.

If over-smoking won't cause diarrhea,
Over dependency on your touch
Won't cause me malaria;
November is like forever

Omolola, come home,
I can't be watching these Vampire Diaries alone.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the love Leo with wings soaring)

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