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The Place Called Egusi Village

In Warri as I was told
There was a place called Egusi village.
Have you ever ever heard of it
Or ever been told?

Quickly quickly
The sleeves of my long-sleeve
I began to fold,
Hoping there would be a place
In Warri called Eba too;
All eyes around looked like a fool.

Wait and hear of me, the truth,
Mr. Ezioka was obi of Egusi village.
So I took to sojourn in Egusi Village_
Sweet smilings
With beautiful meals with
Palm-wine telling the taste of authenticity,
They welcomed me warmly

Introduced me to village dignitries
Samueldpoetry!! Samueldpoetry!!!
Village whole was hailing me;
Mr. Oha the chief priest greeted me.
Two beautiful maidens dancing before me so sweetly
Like a slippery ogbolo soup,
Their waist beads goaded me to woo.
Mr. Fufu, the chief hunter
Brought me a grasscutter takeaway too.

I must confess publicly saying:
"The funeral of obi of Egusi village
Shall never die in my sweet memories."

In short, my stay was a tasty delight.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the lovely Leo with wings flying)

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