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Use Of Imageries In Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

Imageries were used by Gabriel Okara to diffuse the sybolism created
in the title of his poem "Piano And Drums" in order to make the
message of the poem lighter to the readers.

First of, he gave a sound image of his past with few lines in the
first stanza. Taking a look at line one to five of the poem:
"When at break of day at a riverside
I hear jungle drums telegraphing
the mystic rhythm, urgent, raw
like bleeding flesh, speaking of
primal youth and the beginning,"

In second stanza, the poet explained the effect of recollecting the
past. He claimed that his blood rippled, turned torrent, toppled the
years and at once, he was back in his mother's lap a baby.

With imageries he spoke of how his present life was leading him to an
unknown destination (a complex future) so complex and "coaxing,
diminuendo, counterpoint, crescendo." according to line twenty two and
twenty three of the third stanza.

And the complexity and confusion of the poet's past and present left
him in a state of dillema.

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