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Vivid Explanation Of Rejoice By Gladys Casely Hayford

"Gladys Casely-Hayford, who's pen name "Acquah Laluah", was a Sierra Leonean. She had an interesting career, having been a student in the United Kingdom, a professional dancer and a teacher in Sierra Leone and Ghana. She died in Ghana in 1960" according to the statement from one of the Anthologies in my bookself.

Gladys Hayford loved her origin so much that she lived the rest of her life writing about Africa and striving to make it better. Her poems relates to Africa including the poem titled "Rejoice".

Rejoice is a single stanza poem with gratitude as its subject matter. The poet used a second person pronoun to address her African readers or Africa in general, she gave Africans the reasons they should be of joyous and grateful heart and told them they are of "great nation".

The poem began with a line that can be regarded as tautology "Rejoice and shout with laughter" the first and the second stanzas became a refrain in the poem and "black or brown," "great" were repeated in the poem as well. "black or brown" also was a symbolism used for representing African and Non-African. Alliterations were in lines 3 and 4 "God has been so gracious" "black or brown" rhetorical question in lines 7-8 "For where would spring the flowers/ If God took away the earth?"

"The beauty in earth's creation," "God's racial indiscrimination" and "The negative efect of human ingratitude" are the three themes of the poem. The poet revealed how beautiful it is to be either an african or a non-african. Someone who shares in the greatness of either races as a great nation, a great birth, and a great heritage.

In line 7 and 8, the poet used a simple rhetorical question to create an abstract allusion of earth's emergence where God, irrespective of colour, created both Africans and non-Africans in the same earth and such creation gave room to the existence of other beautiful natural things and their siblings; for example: the flowers. She placed it this way:
"For where would spring the flowers
If God took away the earth?"

The poet also foresaw the negative effect of human ingratitude. She believed that such ingratitude might lead to the lost of earth and all her existence.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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