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WASSCE 2016 Tells The Novels We Read

This post should be of concern to book-lovers, literature teachers or
literature-in-english students within the West African region.

As a teacher, teaching literature-in-english, I began to view the ways
in which, I've been choosing the novels I read these days, I realized
that some factors or forces are the determinants and those forces or
factors are WASSCE, NECO and JAMB; actually this might sounds somehow
lame or funny.

Judging by my tight schedules and long process it will take to
determine the right novel to choose among billions of novels appearing
in book-stores each day, picking the novels that is required by
Examination Council has been the only saving grace.

Seriously, it amazes how changes in syllabus have been shifting my
reading attention and that of other literature readers from books to
books. At a certain time, our attentions were on books like: "Twelfth
Night" by William Shakespeare, "The Gods Are Not To Blame" by Ola
Rotimi; later the baton went to "Anthills Of The Savannah" by Chinua
Achebe, "Tess Of The D'Urberville" by Thomas Hardy; from there, it was
passed to "Sons And Daughters" by Joe De Graft, "A Man For All
Seasons" by Robert Bolt; then to "The Importance Of Being Earnest" by
Oscar Wilde, "Women Of Owu" by Femi Osofisan; now my reading attention
is on "She Stoop To Conquer" by Oliver Goldsmith, "Harvest Of
Corruption" by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche; and so the transition will keep

In spite of all these impromptu reading choices, all the books
recommended by WASSCE, NECO and JAMB have never for once, lost their
true taste and value of a well crafted book; and on top of the fact
that the authors are genius, all the books have remained educative and

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