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To View The List Of Disabled Items On PC

To view the list of disabled items, display the Disabled Items dialog

box by doing the following in the Microsoft Office program that you

are using.

(1) For Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access:

>>> Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Program Name Options.

>>> Click Add-Ins.

On the Manage menu, click Disabled Items, and then click Go.

(2) For Visio, Outlook, Publisher, or InfoPath:

>>> On the Tools menu, click Trust Center, and then

>>> Click Add-ins.

On the Manage menu, click Disabled Items, and then click Go.

(3) For OneNote, Project, or SharePoint Designer:

>>> On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Office Program Name.

>>> Click Disabled Items.

After you view the items listed in the Disabled Items dialog box, you

can select an item and then click Enable to turn it on again. Enabling

some items may require you to reload or reinstall an add-in program or

reopen a file. After you enable an item, the program may run into a

problem the next time it starts. In this case, you are prompted to

disable the item again.

(c) High-flyer

10 Most Awesome Nollywood Movies Directed By Tade Ogidan

If you're a Nollywood movie lover and seriously your birth year

doesn't fall between 2002 to this present year, then you should be

familiar withTade Ogidan_ the

extraordinarily talented movie director.

Tade Ogidan is a well known Nollywood movie director and a script

person, he has directed so many well commended movies, both Yoruba and

English spoken Nollywood movies.

This post aims at refreshing the memories of Nollywood movie lovers as

I make a list of ten (10) most awesome movies directed by Tade Ogidan.

The following are:

(1) Owo Blow 1997

(2) Out of Bounds 1997

(3) Hostages 1998

(4) Diamond Ring 1998

(5) Saving Alero 2001

(6) Ayomida 2003

(7) Dangerous Twins 2004

(8) Aya mi òwòn: Madam Dearest 2005

(9) Family on Fire 2011

(10) Playing Games 2012

(c) High-flyer

If Life Is A Pizza

If life is a pizza

Then love is a slice

If love is a slice

It's better be spiced

With flavor of romance

Ginger of delight

Onion of true union

Flour of fight

For better for worse

From union to grey

From grey to grave

From grave to immortality.

(c) High-flyer

Explain The Difference Between Heavy Chemicals And Fine Chemicals

Heavy chemicals are the essential chemicals for all branches of

industry. Their manufacture amounts to thousands of tonnes per week.

Heavy chemicals include tetraoxosulphate (iv) acid [most important],

lime, caustic soda, caustic potash disodium trioxocarbonate (iv),

trioxonitrate (v) acid and bleaching powder. They are used in the

manufacture of glass; the processing of textiles, both natural fibres,

such as cotton, linen and wool, and artificial fibres, such as nylon,

rayon and Terylene; the manufacture of soaps; the manufacture of

metals and paints, to mention but a few uses. Besides their uses in

general industry, heavy chemicals are also used in all branches of

chemical industry as reagents for the various processes in the

manufacture of the final product.

On the other hand, fine chemicals are less often used than heavy

chemicals. However, tens of tonnes are produced monthly to meet

consumers needs. They are of higher purity than the heavy chemicals.

They include dyes, analytical reagents, photographic chemicals,

additives for fuels and paints, cosmetics and perfumes. They are more

expensive than the heavy chemicals.

(c) High-flyer

Examine The Humour Of The Wedding Reception At Hamilton House

"Several instances of humour abound in the play, The Blinkards,

notable among which is Mr. Okadu and Miss Tsiba's wedding reception at

Hamilton house. It is a reception characterized by pandemonium,

bombast and hilarious incidences through the actions and the speeches

of the characters. Playing a prominent role at the reception are

members of the Cosmopolitan club who have been invited by

Aldiborontiphoscophornio chrononthonthologos Tsiba to the wedding

ceremony of his daughter, Barbara Ermyntrude and Mr. Alexander

Archibald Octavius Okadu. For a start, all members of the cosmopolitan

club are dressed in frock coats, carrying their silk hats. The

president, having volunteered to be the master of ceremony is busy

running around with a bottle of whisky, glasses and soda. As the bride

and the groom get set to cut the cake, Miss Borofesem jumps up, walks

to Mr. Okadu and asks him to "take the knife and stick the cake" while

the bride, Miss Tsiba is asked to "hold the knife and cut it to the

plate". Another instance of the humour is the proposition to the

health of the bride and the groom by one Mr. Kyerewfo who declares "I

have great pleasure for proposing the health of the bride and the

groom today". The manifestation of incredible merrimentations has

displayed in this capacious hall due to the wedding matrimonial

Jollifications, whatever that means. Wiping his face, he asks his

neighbour, "what did I say?" "Did I speak well?" to which the latter

replies, "very nice, almost like an European".

(c) Past-Questions-And-Answers

Jamie Foxx And 50cent: My View

Looking at 50cent (Curtis J. J.) and Jamie Foxx (Eric M. B.) both guys

are very talented and forces to reckon with. When it comes to movies,

I have lots of black American actors as favorites: actors like Martin

Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark

Cuba, etc. (meaning, 50cent and Jamie Foxx

are below 20 on my list) but that's not to say they do not deserve my


Foxx and 50cent are more like brothers because they both share same

black skin and judging by the date of birth, Jamie Foxx is the elder


According to wikipedia article, "Jamie Foxx was born 13-12-1967 while

50cent was born 6-7-1975. Both are talented black America guys with

uneasy upbringing, both have two children; both rap, both act, both

write and both compose."

When it comes to human relationship, I'll go with Jamie Foxx, because

he's very funny, he a comedian, his photo smiles are real and even

online articles have less stories of his troublemaking compare to

50cent who's either fighting someone or someone fighting him.

When it comes to the issue of rap and music, I go with 50cent because

his music and albums have blown my mind many countless times; the guy

is musically good. When he gets to heaven after living successfully

long on earth, he'll surely be one of the prominent choirs over there.

Speaking of movies, their acting talents are superb, I just can't

explain why I love "Django Unchained" so much. In the movie, Jamie

Foxx was outstanding. 50cent on the other hand doesn't just act, he

writes scripts; the movie "Before I Self Destruct" which he was the

major actor, was written by him.

50cent is more creative than Foxx. He has better eyes for money than

Foxx. 50cent is good at handling whatever situation that confronts him

and such is the sign of someone who sky will never be a limit.

I won't want to debate on who's richer. The two guys have made

impossibilities possible, they have proven that passion and mentors

are very vital in every human living (Curtis J. Jackson branded

himself 50centbased on his passion and mentor and it paid off. Eric M.

Bishop branded himself Jamie Foxx based on his passion and mentor and

it paid off).

(c) High-flyer

Overview Of Faceless By Amma Darko

Born 1956 in Accra, Ghana. Amma Darko is one of the female

contemporary Ghanaian novelist. Known for many of her socio-cultural

style of writing, her book titled: "Faceless" is one among the novels

recommended for literature-in-english in WAEC/WASSCE 2016 syllabus.

Faceless by Amma Darko talks about children abandoned to the streets,

each has to grow rather quickly into the ways of the world in order to

fend for themselves and be responsible for the responsibilities their

parents have turned their backs on.

For many of those children, their ways of reasoning, communicating,

and indeed behaving as "grownups" are necessary skills for survival in

a ruthless world they found themselves. Even Fofo, one of the major

characters, epitomized the dual age phenomenon.

There are lots of characters in the novel. They are: Fofo, Kabira, Maa

Tsuru, Naa Yamo, Kwei, Kpakpo, Dina, Vickie, Baby T, Aggie, Poison,

Adade, Odarley, Onko, Ottu, Essie, Mama Abijan, Obea, Mako, etc.

(c) Kofoworola.

Unhappiness Of The Poet In Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti

Unhappiness Of The Poet In Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti

The title of the poem suggested the poet's lack of support bad

governance, even the structure of the poem with the use of repetition

"this land" gave a solid foundation for the poem to be erected on the

ground of hatred that pleased the poet.

Metaphorically, the poet compares the land to so many dangerous

animals "giant whale", "saber-toothed tiger", etc. and made use

crystal clear imageries to show how he was unhappy with the evils and

dangers caused by those dangerous animals.

(c) High-flyer

15 Steps To Positive Change

(1) Understand that there is a single difference between losers and winners.

(2) Focus on positive change.

(3) Setbacks are neutral, don't attach your life to it

(4) You must endeavor to reduce your worries.

(5) Accept responsibilities for outcomes of your actions.

(6) What you carry inside matters than what is going on around you.

(7) Let by-gones be by-gones, you are now a new creature.

(8) Let all your actions reflect your positives aims.

(9) All feed your mind with pep talks.

(10) There is lesson in every bad situation; learn it.

(11) Always set goals higher than yesterday's achievement.

(12) Learn from others; don't be an island.

(13) Work more on your strenght.

(14) Don't waste your time on meaningless issues.

(15) Don't procastinate; get up, get over it and get going. You're awesome.

(c) High-flyer

WASSCE Exam On The Proud King By William Morris

Based on 10 emails in my inbox, requesting some explanations regarding

the poem titled: THE PROUD KING by William Morris, I've decided to

share my opinion on the poem. The poem speaks of a certain king that

almost lost his status to pride. With the tool of narrative fiction,

the very high status and wealthy king became nobody and had to feel

what the wretchs and destitutes feel in their state of nothingness

before he finally became sober, learnt humility lesson and regained

his position.

I do not want to speak further of the poem because it's too long,

clumsy, and even with the use of old English which can the long

reading, a very draggy one.

Thank God that WAEC/WASSCE presents its literature-in-English

candidates with optional questions to choose from. There are other

WASSCE recommended poems to study than waste time on THE PROUD KING by

William Morris which is too lenghty a poem.

If a candidate has a sound understanding of other poem like; SHALL I


Robert Frost, THE SCHOOL BOY by William Blake, CROSSING THE BAR by

Alfred Tennyson, THE PULLEY by George Herbert, etc; then there should

be nothing to worry about.

(c) High-flyer

Themes Of The Panic Of Growing Older By Lenrie Peters

Lenrie Peters carefully crafted a masterpiece, a poem that is very

close to reality. This article shows the themes of the poem according

to one of the poetic analysis on<a href=""

rel="nofollow">naijapoets website</a>

"The poem holds the following themes:

(1) Uncertainty of human future and expectations (2) Varying

challenges of adulthood (3)Personal and Public expectations of

adulthood (4)Captivity of being an adult

Uncertainity of human future and expectation. The gigantic hopes that

one have at age twenty are uncertain and at the age thirty brings

emotional pains due to failure. Even the prove that one will live

longer enough to achieve the expectations waiting to be achieved is

not certain.

Varying challenges of adulthood. As one grows through adulthood,

various challenges confront one's

endeavors, affecting both <b>the personal expectations and the public

expectations</b> (those things the world and the people around expect

a person to achieve as a growing adult)

Captivity of being an adult "From now on the world has you" shows that

every adult is a captive or a slave to the world; one must impress

with achievements to be regarded as a success."

(c) High-flyer

Having A Positive Mindset

Focus on the light not the dark around,
What you cry about, you can just laugh at.
The world loves to see smiles, not your big mouth
Wayforwards will always move you forward
Be a believer, holding unto hope
No matter what's going on around you
A positive attitude from within
Is the energy for healthy living;
Let not your situation cloud your inner joy.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

There Are Two Types Of life


And the-life-of-yours;

Life-in-general is a marathon

The-life-of-yours determines

How far you will run.

What are the things that can

Weaken your strenght?

What are the things that can

Clog your wheel?

What are the things that can

Dampen your spirit?

What are the things that can

Dent your aims?

Jealousy, robotism,

Unnecessary show of sorrow,

Chasing someone else's shadow,

Ingratitude to what you have

For what you have not,

Purchasing tickets to shortcuts,

Snatching batons of others achievements,

Killing fellow beings with tongue to be the best,

Loafing in company of follies,

Laughing at everyman's dismay,

Compulsive pareunia beyond body can take,

Engaging in foolish debates,

Lack of confidence or self-esteem,

Joining or building a corrupt team,

Accumulating the negative genes,

You have your life to live

Live it as if

It's brand new and can never be renewed.

(c) flying-poet

Facebook Can Make You Or Mar You

Facebook can make you

Or mar you;

Facebook made Zukerberg

It marred


From facebook,

Some found their lovers

Living happily ever after like Cinderella

From facebook,

Some lured to hotel

Bearing indelible victim of rape scandal

You find businessmen and women

On facebook, they make people glad

Also exist unscrupulous heads

Scamming many, hacking many,

Extracting emails of responsible beings

They even embedded porn in

One of my accounts

As facebook strives to be the sweetest wheat,

These scammers have made themselves the shaff,

The bad egges amidst the basket

I love facebook a lot

It encourages my poetry passion

It builds me more poetry friends

It gives me more poetry awareness

It makes me send

Free emails to multiple associates with ease

Facebook is great

Facebook is friendly a forest

Where everyone can cultivate their own seeds.

(c) Flyer-Poet

I Can Now Post From Email

Since all that matters to Google is the ease of bloggers blogging. I can now post via email whatever email I desire. I'm loving this.

Opera Mini, Airtel, And Java Devices Are The Magic

Do you surf heavy websites on internet or you contribute to
A blog as heavy as wordpress
Or tumblr or whichever platform you blog at?

Do you see data usage as a big deal_ a quite expensive thing to deal with?

Do you find upholding your monthly blackberry or android data-plan
a cumbersome request truly?

All your troubles are now over
with a browsable java-device,
Opera mini browser installed;
Using airtel as your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

And with just hundred naira for twenty Megabytes plan, you'll blog as you wish
And surf heavy websites like,,, and lots more;
For the whole of a week
Once you can avoid
Heavy downloads and uploads of things.

Although, many websites dislike opera mini,
It's true, sometimes, opera mini can be annoying

Opera Mini
Plus java device
Plus airtel
Are the ease of internet browsing,
Many naija masses have confirmed it.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

4 Love Poem By Samueldpoetry

(1) Ode To The Poet's Curtain
(2) I See Love
(3) Law Of Seduction
(4) I've Once

This article is a short collection of few poems of Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry (the Leo with wings flying). As the tile of the article suggests, the poems are strictly about love and feeling of love or willingness.

The major reason behind this article is to give readers (1) the easy of sharing or printing or emailing more than one poem with just a click, (2) the feeling of multiple poems in one post. Hope to be enjoyed.

The Poems:-
# POEM NO. 1


Eh! What a screen with a heavenly picture;
picturing an artistic fixture
turning my bedroom to a museum of culture
handsomely showcasing the native of passion
with the exhibition of these heavenly creatures.

Hi! You scattered lightening of
I embarrassingly cherish your illustration.
What a great explanation
for illuminating heaven’s innovation!

And you, banana shaped f

Ladyfish Has A Scientific Name

In all the fishes,
Ladyfish is the best
Illuminating scaley skin
In a sunny afternoon
Acquatic human being
Can never go unnoticed
They drink water like ladies
Catwalking through the water tide
Like ladies coming out of Mr. Biggs
Too over-demanding
If you throw them biscuit
They'll gulp it,
Asking for more to come
Like Barney Stinson
One of the similarities
Between ladyfish and ladies;
They're both attracted to shining things.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Ladyfish: According to wikipedia, "The Elopidae are a family of ray-finned
fish containing the single genus Elops. They are commonly known as ladyfish, skipjacks, jack-rashes, or tenpounders.
The ladyfish are a coastal-dwelling fish found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions, occasionally venturing into temperate waters.
Spawning takes place at sea, and the fish larvae migrate inland entering brackish waters. Their food is smaller fish and crustaceans (shrimp). Typically
throughout the species, the maximum size is 1 m (3.3 ft) and the maximum weight 10 kg (22 lb)."

Forex Trading Is Truly Economics

Forex trade!
Never for the greed,
The rapacious hearts who rushed into it
Are now acting as Linda Ikeji
Posting celebrity gists
After losing money...

Forex trading is truly economics,
Taking high intelligent quotients
It's like
Playing the duck hunt at level ten
So sharper you must target;
Patient dogs alone,
Can eat the fattest bone in forex trading
You must know this.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Forex Trade: This is one of the easiest online investment with less worry from scam if properly learnt before heading into it, but with high risk and unpredictable market, many dummies throw their money in the dark hole.

In the poem, allusion was made in line 4 referring to lindaikeji's blog then another allusion was made in line 12 referring to one of the games found in the 8-bites cateridge alongside Super Mario"

Analysis Of A Taxi Driver On His Death By Timothy Wangusa

Timothy Wangusa is a Ugandan poet and novelist born 1942, according to wikipedia, "Wangusa is an ethnic Mumasaaba, born in Bugisu, in eastern Uganda. He studied English at Makerere University where he later served on faculty, and the University of Leeds (UK). He wrote his MA and PhD on British and African poetry, respectively.
Wangusa started working at Makerere University in 1969. He was appointed as Professor in 1981."

His poem, A Taxi Driver On His Death, is a self-reflection poem. It reflected the inner worries of the poem speaker (the taxi driver) who anticipated that sooner or later, the cab he drove which he called a docile elaborate horse, will one day revolt and bury him under its metallic body.

The poem speaker further explained that he wasn't risking his life because of the passengers (he didn't

Analysis Of Outsider By Michael Echeruo

In the poem, the poet revolted his loneliness bragging his long survival.
He was by the beach, where he poured out his heart:
"spat on the world" "shouted at the moon" "hooted at the chirrupy mermaid of the dusk..." (line 5, 6, 7)
In line 8, he referred to himself as "clever lad of goddam tribe!"
the poet when ahead to describe his pains and l

In This Chess Life I'm Living

Happiness left me with the jean of orgasm,
When cast the gambling dice of leisure tomorrow_
Oh, thank God! It's Friday,
No work tomorrow,
Tomorrow Saturday with the fulcrum
To transpose from Sicilian lessons
To Caro-kann indept of knight and bishop
Seizing naked king in no time
In this chess life I'm living;
Courtesy the chessmaster engine
Of the grandmaster edition.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

To Travel Out Of This Country

If I have the chance
To travel out of this country
I won't waste time traveling to Ukraine,
America, Germany, Canada nor Spain

I'll take two weeks ticket,
I'll travel to heaven

Heavenly clothes
Heavenly shoes
Heavenly cars
Heavenly drinks
To sell them to the rich
And the wealthy
So expensively
Knowing they might miss
The opportunity
Of going to heaven.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

"Bible: The post is inspired by a particular Bible verse when a rich man wanted to be assured his action will take him to heaven. HE replied the rich man by saying it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. (Matt. 19:24)"

Analysis Of Weather Ear By Norman Nicholson

>>> Nicholson Norman 08-01-1914 to 30-05-1987, an English poet
>>> 3 stranza poem with 3 lines each stanza
>>> A poem with a classic style and very simple diction
>>> Rhyming pattern of AAA BBB CCC
>>> A poem about the unbelievable messangers of weather
>>> Dominating poetic devices are alliteration, personification, imagery

Each stanza of the poem has a weather's messenger sending messages to anyone who can listen.

In the first stanza "the bray/ Of the furnace hooter rasping the slates" was the weather's messenger.
In the second stanza "The market clock-bel


Blue, why have you dominated?
tarpaulin, rigid, edgy_
iron buckle or of sort
cowboys syndromes
in laundry times
you're heavier than the
cadaver in the body-bag
be it levi's
be it lee
durable denim;
the world loves thee.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo you know soaring high)

"Verisimilitude is a statement which only appears to be true"

If It Comes

If it comes
Do the right thing
I know you're not eighteen
You're not
Capable of nursing thing
Do the right thing

Do the right thing
Do not abort it
Do not flush the living
Do not flush the heart beating
In thy belly
Telling thee stories
Of futures to come
Do not dig the thing
Do not dig out the yolk
So early in the morning
Do not do it
Do not do it
Do the right thing
The unwanted thing,
Soon will worth a great deal of thing
When you're thirty three
And she's eighteen
Do the right thing.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The Spirit Was Expelled

When fatigue took sunlight away
Darkness crept in like serpent
From a very tall apple tree
The rich switched on their noisy generators
The poor carried up and down their smokey lanterns
All in coping the darkness that has come

When the dinner was done
They wore their bed uniform:
Sarah' parents led young Tobias to bed,
Raphael's instructions came back to them
So they took the fish's liver
And heart out of the bag
And placed them on incense burning fiercely
The smell drove the spirit to hell
Raphael chased after, caught
And bound the spirit hand and foot...

There was mute then unmute
Birds began to sing as birds
Rats began to read as rats
Voices spoke normally from tongues.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring)

"Death: This is the cessation of life and all its associated processes in a poem"

And Eat It On àmàlà

When living at Aláta
We used to climb àpáta
To buy Baba àkàrà
One day at agogo méta
We met efòn lábàtà
We killed it with our àdá
And eat it on àmàlà.

Alata= A place
Apata = Hill
Akara = Beans ball
Agogo Meta = 3 o'clock
Efon = Deer
Abata = Brook
Ada = Cutlass
Amala = A kind of pasta

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings)

"Dialect: A variety of a language that is characteristic of a particular area or community"

Stop Worry About Website Traffic And Miracle Begins

Sometimes the issue of web traffic can almost rip someone apart.

Couple of weeks,
I was the victim of worries
caused by the hooting low traffic of my website;
you can also call it blog.

And as you've already known,
hope's not grains of sand; hope dwindles faster
than a candle can.
So I began search engine solution, s

Discuss The Major Regrets Of The Slain Soldier In Strange Meeting Wilfred Owen

According to Pass Question And Answer by Johnson Publishers Limited, "At the strange meeting, the soldier who has had the upper hand in the battle tells 'strange friend' that 'here is no cause to mourn', to which the soldier agrees. However, the victim regrets 'the undone years', the curtailed joys, hopes and aspirations.

The victim soldier pours out his regrets of the lost opportunity of experiencing love. Priding himself on being affordable and a comfort to others by his cheerfulness, he regrets that he will not be able to make people laugh. But then, his sorrow lies buried with him as the truth about the gloomy side of war does not get told completely.
The slain soldier thinks it unfortunate that men will not learn from the bitter lessons that war teaches. Men, he laments will continue to antagonize and fight each other continually.

The best aspiration of the strange friends has been to change the world through sheer honest labour and humane actions or deeds. Knowing that there is pain enough without the inflictions of physical wounds, he would have aspired to assist in resolving matters w

There Must Be Special Why

There must be special why
girls love the
kiss of lips and thighs,

holding unto joysticks
of males' machines,
hugging necks of men;

a very special why
girls love loving guys traveling
to paradise

underneath the ditch digging
mouth moaning
bed bouncing sky

until you're seventeen

you won't even begin to
the special why.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings soaring)

"Hubris: This is the excessive pride, presumption, or arrogance of a character in a poem against the gods which led to his or her downfall."

Man And His Cosmic Environment

The earth
A bullet in a solar revolver,

That revolver made of
The sun
The planets
The satelites
The asteroids
The comet
The meteorites

The copulating galaxies
Of every human beings
I see your balls of gases
Transitioning to mammoth things

Fireball of solar revolver,
The Sun!
With blazing crown of yours
On thy orbital thrown
Directing affairs of men
Obedient ones in castle of delights
Arrogant one in scourging sunlights
What a disillusionment of choice
In man and his cosmic envirnment.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

"Cherub: A person, especially a child, seen as being particularly innocent or angelic."

Preoccupation Of Gbemisola Adeoti In Ambush

Though the poet made use of well crafted repetition and metaphor to create perfect imageries, the evil that confronted the people of the Land was the major enthrallment or preoccupation of the poet.

Firstly, the title of the poem was an insight to the poet's preoccupation. It relates to unhealthy situations or dangerous happenings that would be read in the poem.

Secondly, the poet focused on how the harsh conditions of the people could shown with harsh dysphemistic metaphors: “The land” was repeated many times in the poem while servering as metaphors. Examples are “The land is a giant whale”, “The land is a saber toothed tiger”, “The land is a giant hawk”, etc.

Thirdly, the danger, the deceit, the people's helplessness and h

Overview Of African Religious Poetry

African religious poetry can be traced far to early Egyptian days which later spreads through the whole of Africa where it was, at first, a mere advertently undocumented chanting before it metamorphosed into written form.

The main purpose of African religious poetry is for worship or reverence to God or some supernatural beings. Over the years, different styles of African religious poetry have been seen, based on different languages and dialects.

Taking Yoruba religious poetry as a case study, the poetry was from the oral tradition of the Yoruba people. Though, strange religions have tried so hard to crowd its existence and modernizational changes have re-carved few of its contents to suit their tastes; no wonder, some music crew carved out a particular song, they called "gospel-apala" with voice so similar to that of Celine Dion.

According to O. R. Dathorne, whose article is the motivation behind this post, "Religious poetry is usually centred upon a particular cult. For example, the religious poetr

A Poem About Optimism

I'm here to write a poem about optimism

I'm here to write a poem about good fate

I'm here to write a poem about fortune in triangulation

I'm here to write a poem about envelope of smiling nature

I'm here to write a poem about pepsi weirdness to worldwide generatioNext

I'm here to write a poem about fallen coconut that losses not its water-trough

I'm here to write a poem about snail-hope that climbs mahogany tree successfully

I'm here to write a poem about how faith of yours has made you whole to be the genius diety of your generational tree.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

"Catalectic: A poem with a line incomplete meter, lacking a syllable at the end or ending with an incomplete foot"

They Can Do And Undo

Would you ever have believed,
Trees and weeds
Could burn their own forest
The forest that nurtured them
From innocence to wiseness
Jesus Christ healed human beings
Human beings nailed him to the tree
The tree cursed for the fact of bearing false fruits
Harken ici maintenant, listen!
All the souls that beat with sorrows
Of been betrayed by brothers or sisters
Or friends or families suffer naivety.
Ignore the wrong deeds of men
Ignite gods in your acumen
Gather firewoods of new beginning
And roast the yam of maturity
Eat it with palm-oil of understanding
To fill thy belly with how
Human beings are full of inconsistencies;
They can do and undo.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

They Can Do And Undo

Would you ever have believed,
Trees and weeds
Could burn their own forest
The forest that nurtured them
From innocence to wiseness
Jesus Christ healed human beings
Human beings nailed him to the tree
The tree cursed for the fact of bearing false fruits
Harken ici maintenant, listen!
All the souls that beat with sorrows
Of been betrayed by brothers or sisters
Or friends or families suffer naivety.
Ignore the wrong deeds of men
Ignite gods in your acumen
Gather firewoods of new beginning
And roast the yam of maturity
Eat it with palm-oil of understanding
To fill thy belly with how
Human beings are full of inconsistencies;
They can do and undo.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

POETIC DIGEST:- "Aprostophe; it is a sudden exclamatory piece of dialogue addressed to someone or something, especially absent."

How Great It Is To Be A Puppy

How great it is to be a puppy,
Wearing flashy clothings,
Sitting on laps of sexy feminines (in puppyish naivety)
You're taken everywhere they go to,
You even find yourself on instagram,
Strangers arms,
Giving you thousands of likes
You realize
You're the toy of exhibition,
The new-born of joy
Hardly feel the touch of your mom
Kids love you, they play with you.
Men make you a gift to their charming love.
Women carry you in handbags, close to their ipads.
The older you become
The more collar forms round your neck
(maybe white-collar, blue-collar or both)
They drag you everywhere
Like a criminal in remand
This drives you crazy, makes you bark at all
Place you in the cage of adulthood responsibilities
You sat recollecting to realize
How great it is to be a puppy.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

"POETIC DIGEST:- Anticlimax is the lowest situation in a poem in reference to the downward and upward sequential movement of ideas or events."

Analysis Of Vultures By Simon Pederek

About Poet:- Poet is an African from Ghana nothing more, nothing less.
Poem Category:- Animal Poem
Subject Matter:- Repulsion
Versification:- 2 stanzas
Prosody:- No specific rhyme or rhythm
Style:- Simple language to be easily understood. Descriptive with first person plural pronoun.
Major Poetic Device:- Imagery, Symbolism
Setting:- Urban setting
Theme:- Power, Pride, Value, Beauty-in-disguise
Flow:- Climax flow of event
Plot:- 1st stanza describes the vulture. 2nd stanza describes how the vulture enjoyed what the city dwellers couldn't enjoy.

(1) Value, pride and power: These are exemplified in the poem as "In easy fight/ Enjoy the plains/ ...possess/ The visitations of the moon"

(2) Beauty-In-Disguise: What the people thought was ugly was an image of beautiful justice. It possessed "Lawyer's rig/ And hammer beak,"

(3) Repulsion: The overall poem spoke of the repulsiveness the vulture faced in the city because it was ugly, rural and feeds on dead animals which the poet referred to as "filthy meat"

According the plot of the poem, the first stanza of the poem describes the vulture as "Bald pat/ Scrawny neck/ Lawyer's beak" and reveals that it is not only ugly, it is also hated because it eats filthy meat. The second stanza shows how the hated animal enjoys where it is not wanted. It shows the pride and po

Connotation Of Mending Wall By Robert Frost

In the Literature-In-English class, which was the first period this morning, I briefly explained "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost to my students and to better their recollection, I wrote the explanation you'll read below on a marker board which was an excerpt from one of my poetry textbooks:

The wall becomes an image of limitations set by people between and around themselves so that others do not have the chance or avenue of knowing or approaching them. This was an actual happening in Frost's area-rebuilding walls annually during spring time.

[if you're a fan of Philip Larkin, you can CHECK HERE]

To Frost, the questions should be, what or who destroys the fence to make the action of rebuilding necessary annually? What is the rationale behind building and rebuilding the fence?

These, his neighbour could not answer whereas he professes humourous and ironical answers: the "elves" and "something" do no

Considering The Snail By Thom Gunn

Thom Gunn is an Anglo-American poet born August 29, 1929 but died
April 25, 2004. Considering The Snail by Thom Gunn is about a snail
that trudged through the wet-night to a destination unknown to the
poet. The poem has a 3stanza poem with 6lines each stanza. It has a
funny light-weight rhyme pattern of ABCABC DEFDEF GHIGHI. It is a
nature poem with an eye-opening and motivational purpose. The poem
possesses alliteration "with water" "darken the earth's dark" "what
power is at work". Also existed the use of rhetorical question "what
is a snail's fury?" metaphor is "wood of desire" imagery is "pale
antlers barely stirring" symbolism is "blade" run-on-lines also
features in the poem, etc.

The central message or subject matter or ruling theme of the poem is
achievement; among other themes like the challenges faced through
ambitions, etc.

The poet spoke of how the snail started rough with slippery path;
"grass is heavy/ with water", blades of grasses stood the way and the
path was too dark but at the end, the snail succeeded in finding its
way through with its "pale antlers barely stirring." The snail's
destination was all that mattered while it focussed on its mission and
pierced through desire or "wood of desire" and such passion made the
poet thought at first that the snail was in fury "what is a snail's
fury?" line 11.

As the snail trudged through the wet night in loneliness, all its
efforts could be traced or found imprinted on the obstacles left
behind. The poet concluded: "...I would never have/ imagined the slow
passion/ to that deliberate progress." (line 16-18)

<b><a href=""

Analysis Of Considering The Snail By Thom Gunn

This article takes a very careful study of the poet, the themes and the style used in the poem: Considering The Snail by Thom Gunn

[if this isn't what you want to see, You Can Check Here]

The poem is about a snail that trudged through the wet-night to a destination unknown to the poet. Its relentless efforts caught the attention of the poet making the poet wondered what emotion or intention drove the snail and when the poet checked the grasses the snail had passed through, he saw the trail left by the snail.

Considering The Snail is a 3stanza poem with 6lines each stanza. It has a funny light-weight rhyme pattern of ABCABC DEFDEF GHIGHI. It is a nature poem with an eye-opening and motivational purpose. The poem possesses alliteration "with water" "darken the earth's dark" "what power is at work". Also existed the use of rhetorical question "what is a snail's fury?" metaphor is "wood of desire" imagery is "pale antlers barely stirring" symbolism is "blade" run-on-lines also features in the poem, etc.

The central message or subject matter or ruling theme of the poem is achievem

A White-Collar Prisoner

Why are cars running slow on the road
And no toe is walking to and fro
Oh! It's raining, I do not know.
I make my money where doors are closed,
And everywhere becomes cold 'cos AC blows.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

POETIC DIGEST:- Preoccupation is the state of mind in which some ideas take over the thoughts of a poet as revealed by such. Some refer to it as a poet's enthralment.

Feeling As If To Kiss God

"BLISS: This is a poetic device where an extreme state of happiness is shown in a poem"

This bright beautiful morning
As if to kiss God;
I woke so sound feeling
As if to kiss God
Frenchly in the cunt.

What a beautiful day I saw!
Yesterday, so awesome was
The romantic night I saw
So beautifully, romantically cuddling
Till slept and snored
We wore the right side of my mattress
As if to kiss God

For his wealth,
For good health,
For feeding with fate
The daydreamings we felt
As if to kiss God

In nothingness
God has been so awesome.
Making millionaire of Moi Meme,
Sending Sonia to sail my stormy nights
And flourishing my inner fulfillments
With fertilizer of joyous feeling so
Strong as if to kiss God
With lips of gratitude at once.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Analysis Of Under The Mountain By Louis MacNeice

ABOUT THE POET: A Non-African Poet
MAIN SUBJECT: Comparison
PROSODY: No Specific Rhythm Or Rhyme Scheme
THEMES: (1) Height And Perception (2) Pleasure At The Top (3) Instability And Discomfort
DICTION: Prudent Structuring And Construction of descriptive lines to fit each stanza.
SETTING: Mountainous Town Or City
PLOT: The poet compared his perception from above to when he got down from the mountain, and blah blah blah.

[if this isn't what you expected to see, CHECK HERE]

This is a non-african; he belongs to the British group of poets. He was born in Belfast United Kingdom in 1907 but death him away in 1974.
Under The Mountain by Louis MacNeice is a six stanza poem with three lines per stanza. Though the poem lacks a vivid rhythm and end rhyme pattern but the language is poetically simple because it's easy for readers to point at the exact representations in the poem; words like "foam", "flap", "worth-while crop" can easily be noted and ascribed their perfect meanings.
The title of the poem shows that the poet had his above view from a mountain top while the breakers and the wrack that sizzles with stinking life, brings the readers to a con


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