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10 Most Awesome Nollywood Movies Directed By Tade Ogidan

If you're a Nollywood movie lover and seriously your birth year

doesn't fall between 2002 to this present year, then you should be

familiar withTade Ogidan_ the

extraordinarily talented movie director.

Tade Ogidan is a well known Nollywood movie director and a script

person, he has directed so many well commended movies, both Yoruba and

English spoken Nollywood movies.

This post aims at refreshing the memories of Nollywood movie lovers as

I make a list of ten (10) most awesome movies directed by Tade Ogidan.

The following are:

(1) Owo Blow 1997

(2) Out of Bounds 1997

(3) Hostages 1998

(4) Diamond Ring 1998

(5) Saving Alero 2001

(6) Ayomida 2003

(7) Dangerous Twins 2004

(8) Aya mi òwòn: Madam Dearest 2005

(9) Family on Fire 2011

(10) Playing Games 2012

(c) High-flyer

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