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Analysis Of Weather Ear By Norman Nicholson

>>> Nicholson Norman 08-01-1914 to 30-05-1987, an English poet
>>> 3 stranza poem with 3 lines each stanza
>>> A poem with a classic style and very simple diction
>>> Rhyming pattern of AAA BBB CCC
>>> A poem about the unbelievable messangers of weather
>>> Dominating poetic devices are alliteration, personification, imagery

Each stanza of the poem has a weather's messenger sending messages to anyone who can listen.

In the first stanza "the bray/ Of the furnace hooter rasping the slates" was the weather's messenger.
In the second stanza "The market clock-bell clacking" was the weather's messenger.
In the third stanza "The roofs are sulky as dead/ with a snuffle and sniff in the gullies, a drop on the lead" was the weather's messenger.

The theme to pick from the poem is that the inanimate objects do speak to humans.

Let's talk about the poetic devices; imageries that are very evident in the poem are "the furnace hooter rasping the slates" in line 2
"the still, small, conscience hours" in line 4
"market clock-bell clacking close to my ear" in line 5
"A north-west wind from the fell, and the sky-light swilled and clear" in line 6
"With a snuffle and sniff in the gullies" in line 8.

Alliterations are "still, small conscience horns, I hear" in line 4
"clock-bell clacking close" in line 5
"A north-west wind from the fell" in line 9

Simile in line seven "sulky as the dead" onomatopoea are "rasping" "bray" clacking" etc.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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