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Considering The Snail By Thom Gunn

Thom Gunn is an Anglo-American poet born August 29, 1929 but died
April 25, 2004. Considering The Snail by Thom Gunn is about a snail
that trudged through the wet-night to a destination unknown to the
poet. The poem has a 3stanza poem with 6lines each stanza. It has a
funny light-weight rhyme pattern of ABCABC DEFDEF GHIGHI. It is a
nature poem with an eye-opening and motivational purpose. The poem
possesses alliteration "with water" "darken the earth's dark" "what
power is at work". Also existed the use of rhetorical question "what
is a snail's fury?" metaphor is "wood of desire" imagery is "pale
antlers barely stirring" symbolism is "blade" run-on-lines also
features in the poem, etc.

The central message or subject matter or ruling theme of the poem is
achievement; among other themes like the challenges faced through
ambitions, etc.

The poet spoke of how the snail started rough with slippery path;
"grass is heavy/ with water", blades of grasses stood the way and the
path was too dark but at the end, the snail succeeded in finding its
way through with its "pale antlers barely stirring." The snail's
destination was all that mattered while it focussed on its mission and
pierced through desire or "wood of desire" and such passion made the
poet thought at first that the snail was in fury "what is a snail's
fury?" line 11.

As the snail trudged through the wet night in loneliness, all its
efforts could be traced or found imprinted on the obstacles left
behind. The poet concluded: "...I would never have/ imagined the slow
passion/ to that deliberate progress." (line 16-18)

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