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Examine The Humour Of The Wedding Reception At Hamilton House

"Several instances of humour abound in the play, The Blinkards,

notable among which is Mr. Okadu and Miss Tsiba's wedding reception at

Hamilton house. It is a reception characterized by pandemonium,

bombast and hilarious incidences through the actions and the speeches

of the characters. Playing a prominent role at the reception are

members of the Cosmopolitan club who have been invited by

Aldiborontiphoscophornio chrononthonthologos Tsiba to the wedding

ceremony of his daughter, Barbara Ermyntrude and Mr. Alexander

Archibald Octavius Okadu. For a start, all members of the cosmopolitan

club are dressed in frock coats, carrying their silk hats. The

president, having volunteered to be the master of ceremony is busy

running around with a bottle of whisky, glasses and soda. As the bride

and the groom get set to cut the cake, Miss Borofesem jumps up, walks

to Mr. Okadu and asks him to "take the knife and stick the cake" while

the bride, Miss Tsiba is asked to "hold the knife and cut it to the

plate". Another instance of the humour is the proposition to the

health of the bride and the groom by one Mr. Kyerewfo who declares "I

have great pleasure for proposing the health of the bride and the

groom today". The manifestation of incredible merrimentations has

displayed in this capacious hall due to the wedding matrimonial

Jollifications, whatever that means. Wiping his face, he asks his

neighbour, "what did I say?" "Did I speak well?" to which the latter

replies, "very nice, almost like an European".

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