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How Great It Is To Be A Puppy

How great it is to be a puppy,
Wearing flashy clothings,
Sitting on laps of sexy feminines (in puppyish naivety)
You're taken everywhere they go to,
You even find yourself on instagram,
Strangers arms,
Giving you thousands of likes
You realize
You're the toy of exhibition,
The new-born of joy
Hardly feel the touch of your mom
Kids love you, they play with you.
Men make you a gift to their charming love.
Women carry you in handbags, close to their ipads.
The older you become
The more collar forms round your neck
(maybe white-collar, blue-collar or both)
They drag you everywhere
Like a criminal in remand
This drives you crazy, makes you bark at all
Place you in the cage of adulthood responsibilities
You sat recollecting to realize
How great it is to be a puppy.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

"POETIC DIGEST:- Anticlimax is the lowest situation in a poem in reference to the downward and upward sequential movement of ideas or events."

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