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Jamie Foxx And 50cent: My View

Looking at 50cent (Curtis J. J.) and Jamie Foxx (Eric M. B.) both guys

are very talented and forces to reckon with. When it comes to movies,

I have lots of black American actors as favorites: actors like Martin

Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark

Cuba, etc. (meaning, 50cent and Jamie Foxx

are below 20 on my list) but that's not to say they do not deserve my


Foxx and 50cent are more like brothers because they both share same

black skin and judging by the date of birth, Jamie Foxx is the elder


According to wikipedia article, "Jamie Foxx was born 13-12-1967 while

50cent was born 6-7-1975. Both are talented black America guys with

uneasy upbringing, both have two children; both rap, both act, both

write and both compose."

When it comes to human relationship, I'll go with Jamie Foxx, because

he's very funny, he a comedian, his photo smiles are real and even

online articles have less stories of his troublemaking compare to

50cent who's either fighting someone or someone fighting him.

When it comes to the issue of rap and music, I go with 50cent because

his music and albums have blown my mind many countless times; the guy

is musically good. When he gets to heaven after living successfully

long on earth, he'll surely be one of the prominent choirs over there.

Speaking of movies, their acting talents are superb, I just can't

explain why I love "Django Unchained" so much. In the movie, Jamie

Foxx was outstanding. 50cent on the other hand doesn't just act, he

writes scripts; the movie "Before I Self Destruct" which he was the

major actor, was written by him.

50cent is more creative than Foxx. He has better eyes for money than

Foxx. 50cent is good at handling whatever situation that confronts him

and such is the sign of someone who sky will never be a limit.

I won't want to debate on who's richer. The two guys have made

impossibilities possible, they have proven that passion and mentors

are very vital in every human living (Curtis J. Jackson branded

himself 50centbased on his passion and mentor and it paid off. Eric M.

Bishop branded himself Jamie Foxx based on his passion and mentor and

it paid off).

(c) High-flyer

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