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Overview Of Faceless By Amma Darko

Born 1956 in Accra, Ghana. Amma Darko is one of the female

contemporary Ghanaian novelist. Known for many of her socio-cultural

style of writing, her book titled: "Faceless" is one among the novels

recommended for literature-in-english in WAEC/WASSCE 2016 syllabus.

Faceless by Amma Darko talks about children abandoned to the streets,

each has to grow rather quickly into the ways of the world in order to

fend for themselves and be responsible for the responsibilities their

parents have turned their backs on.

For many of those children, their ways of reasoning, communicating,

and indeed behaving as "grownups" are necessary skills for survival in

a ruthless world they found themselves. Even Fofo, one of the major

characters, epitomized the dual age phenomenon.

There are lots of characters in the novel. They are: Fofo, Kabira, Maa

Tsuru, Naa Yamo, Kwei, Kpakpo, Dina, Vickie, Baby T, Aggie, Poison,

Adade, Odarley, Onko, Ottu, Essie, Mama Abijan, Obea, Mako, etc.

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