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Stop Worry About Website Traffic And Miracle Begins

Sometimes the issue of web traffic can almost rip someone apart.

Couple of weeks,
I was the victim of worries
caused by the hooting low traffic of my website;
you can also call it blog.

And as you've already known,
hope's not grains of sand; hope dwindles faster
than a candle can.
So I began search engine solution, seeking ways to improve my traffic

The truth is, many mouthwatering answers that google fed my eyes were so interesting
but already known like A-Z
and still in memory are
"100000 visitors per month" by
"39 actionable ideas for driving traffic to your website" by

The ideas they shared were similar.
The ideas_ most already known in my brain before searching

I decided on
the "do bad thing, good thing happen" theory of Ted Mosby

I neglected my web traffic statistics and concentrated on three things:
(i) Frequent Post With Proper Tagging (ii) My Google Analytics (iii) Maximum Use Of AddThis Button;

I neglected my web traffic and miracle began.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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