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Themes Of The Panic Of Growing Older By Lenrie Peters

Lenrie Peters carefully crafted a masterpiece, a poem that is very

close to reality. This article shows the themes of the poem according

to one of the poetic analysis on<a href=""

rel="nofollow">naijapoets website</a>

"The poem holds the following themes:

(1) Uncertainty of human future and expectations (2) Varying

challenges of adulthood (3)Personal and Public expectations of

adulthood (4)Captivity of being an adult

Uncertainity of human future and expectation. The gigantic hopes that

one have at age twenty are uncertain and at the age thirty brings

emotional pains due to failure. Even the prove that one will live

longer enough to achieve the expectations waiting to be achieved is

not certain.

Varying challenges of adulthood. As one grows through adulthood,

various challenges confront one's

endeavors, affecting both <b>the personal expectations and the public

expectations</b> (those things the world and the people around expect

a person to achieve as a growing adult)

Captivity of being an adult "From now on the world has you" shows that

every adult is a captive or a slave to the world; one must impress

with achievements to be regarded as a success."

(c) High-flyer

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