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There Are Two Types Of life


And the-life-of-yours;

Life-in-general is a marathon

The-life-of-yours determines

How far you will run.

What are the things that can

Weaken your strenght?

What are the things that can

Clog your wheel?

What are the things that can

Dampen your spirit?

What are the things that can

Dent your aims?

Jealousy, robotism,

Unnecessary show of sorrow,

Chasing someone else's shadow,

Ingratitude to what you have

For what you have not,

Purchasing tickets to shortcuts,

Snatching batons of others achievements,

Killing fellow beings with tongue to be the best,

Loafing in company of follies,

Laughing at everyman's dismay,

Compulsive pareunia beyond body can take,

Engaging in foolish debates,

Lack of confidence or self-esteem,

Joining or building a corrupt team,

Accumulating the negative genes,

You have your life to live

Live it as if

It's brand new and can never be renewed.

(c) flying-poet

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