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3 Steps To Detect The Airtel Tariff Plan You Are Currently Using

Ok. You have an Airtel SIM card you've been using for quite awhile, so

you feel like knowing the exact tariff plan you've been operating to

be certain whether you're truly getting all the benefits you deserve

from such tariff plan, if not you will love to switch to another

tariff plan.

You picked your phone and dialed the Airtel customer care code yet the

lines are busy. Now that you've taken the next decision which is

surfing the internet for what to do.

Follow these 3 steps below and your worries are over:

(step 1) Dial *121#, then the following options will appear;

1. New Offers

2. Internet Services

3. Value Added Services

4. Prepaid Plans

5. Account Information


(step 2) Select 5. Account Information, then the following options will appear;

1. My Number

2. My Tariff

3. Registration

4. Balance

5. Recharge/Topup

(step 3) Select 2. My Tariff, then the particular tariff plan you're

operating at present will appear.

Note: If you want to switch to another Airtel Tariff Plan, it's free

if you have not previously switched within that month.

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