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3 Steps To Unlock Your Airtel SIM Card

Airtel and other communication network service provides do protect

your mobiles from insecurity with the aid of your SIM.

If your SIM card is suddenly blocked because you're still in your

novitiate, entering wrong PIN code three times in succession, your SIM

card will get blocked.

The following steps must be followed as to unblock your Airtel SIM card:

(1) Find the PUK printed on your

SIM plastic body or certificate and: Simply type **05*PUK*new pin*new

pin# and press "Yes/Send/OK/Enter".

(2) Your 'new pin' can be a new

PIN number or the old PIN number you were using.

(3) If your SIM plastic body or certificate is lost, you will need to

apply for a new SIM certificate at any Airtel Centre. You will also be

required to complete a call history form and provide evidence of


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