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Analysis Of Sons And Daughters By Joe De Graft

Analysis of Sons and Daughters by Joe de Graft in the most easiest form.


1. Aaron Ofosu (Son of James Ofosu)

2. Awere (Aaron's friend)

3. Hannah (Aaron's mother)

4. Adwao (Maidservant)

5. Maanan (Sister to Aaron)

6. Fosuwa (Paternal aunt to Aaron and Maanan)

7. Lawyer Bonu (Friend of Ofosu family)

8. James Ofosu (Businessman/head of Ofosu family)

9. George (brother to Aaron and Maanan)

10. Mrs Bonu (Wife to Lawyer Bonu)

Setting: It has an urban setting and in the story, there is

Africanized mentality of attaching importance to some career paths

than others.

Plot Summary: James Ofosu is a father fond of mandating career path to

all his children but as fate will have it, Aaron and Maanan refuse to

follow the choice of

their father which led to getting a Lawyer named Bonu to make his

mandate come to fruition but Bonu was later found to be dubious and


Themes: (1) Choosing career path. (2) Family affairs and conflicts.

(3) Dishonesty. (4) Suspicion and wrong choices.

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