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Jean-Claude Van Damme Theory Of Achievement

(theory 1) Strength Is A Recipe:

Suddenly, on the 18th of October 1960, Jean-Claude Van Damme was born

into a peaceful and caring family. According to the

article, his father realized he was weak and enrolled him to a martial

art class. Jean-Claude Van Damme passed the phase of life achievement,

he built strength that took him far in life. In martial art, he

posted a 18-1 (18 knockouts) Kickboxing record, and a Semi-Contact

record of 41-4.

(theory 2) Adventure:

Van Damme didn't rest the rest of his life on his martial art glories.

He knew he was a person of many talents, he knew there was a better

life elsewhere than his present bubbles. He became adventurous; moved

to Hong Kong at the age of 19, where he acted his first movie then to

Los Angeles in 1981. He experimented with different kinds of jobs

which mostly were hard or odd jobs.

(theory 3) Optimistic Enthusiasm:

The heart that possesses both optimism and enthusiasm will soar with

eagles and dine with world-class entities in highest places. Such

quality is found in Jean-Claude Van Damme for real and in movies; an

instance is the movie Bloodsport (1988).

(theory 4) Overcoming Challenges:

There must always be willingness to face and overcome challenges. When

Jean-Claude Van Damme got to Los Angeles, he survived the strange land

by picking English classes while working as carpet layer, pizza

delivery man, limo driver, etc. When faced with marital issues, he

handled it well. When people had no love for Bloodsport (1988), he

worked harder on the movie and changed people's dislike to like; the

movie made about 30 million worldwide.

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