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New Unbelievable Airtel Internet Data Bundles

There are some Airtel Data Plan Code you must have been familiar with

and there are still whole lots that you do not know because each day,

Airtel keeps coming up with new internet packages.

You have known the Airtel 20MB Daily Internet Data Bundle for #100,

the 50MB Three Days Internet Data Bundle for #200, the Airtel 80MB

WTFB Monthly Internet Data Bundle for #200, etc.

The very new unbelievable Airtel Internet Data Bundles are:

(1) *439# for the Airtel Timebase Internet Data Bundle (1hour is #180,

30mins is #90, etc)

(2) *474# for the Airtel Monthly Weekend Internet Data Bundle ( 1GB is

#200 which only works on Saturday & Sunday within 30days)

(3) *496# for the Airtel Monthly Internet Data Bundle (1GB is #1000 for 30days)

It must be noted that *141# will lead you to the options where you can

check your Internet Data Bundle balance or subscribe for the common

Internet Data Bundles.

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