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Strange Prayer

Turn on my WiFi to connect to you
I have Bluetooth in my breast too.
As I kneel this chronology counting to pray,
Please, bond your Bluetooth to my Bluetooth;
I know you can find my device any day

Who cares whether I'm a born again?
Such is the human deceitful ways
Of locking innocent beings to priests balconies
To make them always prostate,
Yes sir! Yes sir!! for tiny gain

This is one-on-one, you and me, Lord.
Dialogue me, directly
In the corner of my mansion, unite me
Sometimes things go wrong
I table my hope to you and the Deities
(The true messengers of thee)
You've been pleasing.

When things go wrong
The fools rush to a white-fibre third party
To explain their in Hell
Feeling worried in state of unrest
Like a democratic party

When things go wrong
The wise goes to the rooftop
Where breeze blow like helicopter
To worship and thank thee,
The only everlasting Lord.

Cooperate my spirit to yours;
Make me wonderful
Make me wise
Make me willing to always do the best
And leave the rest to you
And the goddess in haven.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings in the sky)

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